The Other Side Sequestered episode 30: Insurrection Vol 2

Written by on October 18, 2020

On the next edition of The Other Side
Tuesday October 20, 8-10PM
Sequestered episode 30: Insurrection Vol 2
*this show is for mature audiences and minds*


Tune in for our second evening of music inspired by and expressing insurrection towards the current social systems on planet earth. Guest host Michael McDonald has yet again put together a diverse range of mostly new tracks, with a few blasts from the fairly recent past. And all of it taking a musical look at the systemic issues that have plagued our society for decades and longer. Expect music from Saul WilliamsBad MovesCasselsJoe JacksonAndrew BirdLCD SoundsystemBloodywoodIdlesDavid ByrneModest MouseIlluminati HottiesThe Last InternationaleKate TempestThe Lumineers, and so many more. Note: this is not a punk show, yes it can be noisy and in your face at times, but truly it’s a much broader musical statement than that. Expect an overview on the state of the state. As Utah Phillips used to say, if you don’t like the people in power then “Vote the bums out!“.


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