The Other Side: Sequestered Episode 31: Halloweenie Time

Written by on October 24, 2020

On the next edition of The Other Side
Tuesday October 27, 8-10PM
Sequestered episode 31: Halloweenie Time


On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday October 27, 8-10PM,  Sequestered episode 31: It’s Halloweenie Time!


This episode is mashup of a Halloween episode of The Other Side is from 2017 & 2020. Do I even need to mention this will be a weird one? It’s chock full of strangeness featuring classic movie and TV horror soundtrack snippets plus so much more. Eraserhead’s own Mary and Henry will be there as well as so many others including Michael Myers, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and some oddness that’s better left unspoken for now. That’s The Other Side, Tuesday, October 27 from 8-10PM, and only on KVMR.

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