Mikail Graham: The Little Station That Could

Written by on May 10, 2021

Mikail Graham is the executive producer of The Other Side, and The Good News Show, and the co-host of The Beer Show with Tom Dalldorf. He has been involved with KVMR since its inception in 1978.

Greetings from the little station that could, does and continues to do 24/7/365.

Mikail in the KVMR Banner Mountain Shack circa 1978.

When I look back at the last nearly 44 years of my life, other than music there’s one thing that has remained steady through all of that time – KVMR. What started as a dream in one man’s meditation with his Guru, turned into an extended family of broadcasters and listeners alike that has become so much more than what any of us could ever imagine it would evolve into. 

From the little shack on the hill and now in our own state of the art building in downtown Nevada City, this has been and is – one helluva trippy journey. With a little help from friends like you, we are slowly paying off the mortgage and making headway into the digital world of the 21st century in such a big way. We now have 3 separate frequencies/media platforms, a way-cool General Manager, a super productive staff, a nifty Board of Directors, and possibly one of the most diverse group of broadcasters anywhere on planet Earth!

As I write this I’m just finishing up my 59th sequestered episode since the covid pandemic began and I started recording these shows from my TOS home studio. Dang what a long year and two months out it has been. Personally I’ve been blessed with having an on-air music show since August of 1978, I say blessed as my tastes are quite diverse and have never focused on just one genre of music and sound. In fact my very first show for a number of years was called Mr Filter’s Unusual Music and featured all kinds of odd bits and pieces, ok so really not so unlike my current show The Other Side which airs Tuesdays from 8-10 PM. 

Speaking of which, Tuesday, May 18 I’ll be starting up a five-part series extending out through the summer months entitled Blast Off! Not Your Usual Space Music Experience, created by one of my fab guest hosts Michael McDonald, that’s full of weird and wonderful musical artifacts influenced by the race to space over the past 50+ years. 

In June I’ll be featuring a multi week extravaganza with supreme guest host Mark Leviton (host of Pet Sounds) featuring music from the New Jersey 6-piece psychedelic jam band Garcia Peoples, with Part 1 airing on Tuesday, June 1, followed on June 8 with a special on utterly distinctive San Francisco band Deerhoof, who create “noise, sugary [pop] melodies, with  an experimental spirit” that you definitely won’t want to miss! Then on June 15, Mark takes you on a journey into the world of Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, yet another San Francisco based alternative folk rock music group, that originated in Falls Church, Virginia, and is headed up by Thao Nguyen, a Vietnamese artist who’s worked with folks like Andrew Bird. 

So hey, what I play and produce is clearly not for everyone, but that’s the beauty and unique aspect of what KVMR has always been about. As the old saying goes “if you don’t like what’s on the air now, just stick around for the next show and you probably will.”

Here’s hoping in these crazy times as KVMR fills your ears and minds with the kind of magic and diversity that you know and trust, that you’ll help keep us on the air with whatever donation to the cause you can make. And remember, it’s all tax deductible, so you get to do good thing for KVMR and get rewarded with a nice write-off at the end of the year, something we all can certainly use, be it a little or a lot.

We’ve been here for you 24/7/365 since July of 1978, here’s hoping you’ll continue to be there for us now and in the years ahead.


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