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Membership Drive

KVMR Holding Black Friday Fundraiser To Buy New Transmitter, Generator

KVMR 89.5 FM weathered much of the utility-mandated blackouts very well, received kudos for its collective power shutdown coverage with YubaNet and somehow conducted an on-air membership drive in the middle of it all.

Now it's back to a special Black Friday of raising money over-the-air from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. to pay for the purchase of a new state-of-the-art transmitter and industrial generator, which station officials say will have a dramatic effect in its ability to keep the station on air even better during power interruptions and blackouts.

Blackouts Don't Faze KVMR Fundraiser, With Best Fundraising Day Of The Decade

It was a KVMR 89.5 FM on-air membership drive like no other.
Utility-mandated blackouts were ordered before it, after it...and, yes, during it.
So KVMR found itself suspending the drive for two of its nine days so the Nevada City radio station could concentrate on delivering blackout news to listeners, many of whom had no other way to get the information.

KVMR Membership Drive Specials


10 a.m. -- Martin Webb,  author of "Please Don't Read This Column" in Nevada County Cannabis, is guest co-host with Jennifer "Miss Jiff" Robin on "Resilience Radio."

Noon --  "Afternoon Delight," featuring twisted love songs and a contest to nominate and name the "two most unlikely radio hits of all time", according to Adriana Kelly. Hosts are Poly & Molly Amorous (KVMR's Kelly and Joyce Miller).

Whole Lotta Jerry Lee Lewis Shakin' Going On KVMR-FM Saturday Special

Jerry Lee Lewis is the greatest Country singer ever, bar none. He's been overlooked in that department. Though he gets effusive praise for rockin' the piano harder and longer than any other mortal, few remark on the range and power of his voice, his ability to deliver the heart of a song, his vocal audacity and complete freedom within the groove.   

Big Day Of Giving KVMR Remote Broadcasts to 'Pop-Up' Across Town

For the fourth consecutive year, KVMR 89.5 FM is celebrating this Thursday's Big Day Of Giving (Big DOG for short) with three more of its popular "pop-up" live remote broadcasts.

"It simply makes it more personable seeing us out in the community, instead of just hearing us over the radio," according to KVMR Development Director Cynthia Tweed.  "And it makes for exciting live radio for those who can't be there because it generates short spurts of something special."

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