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Humanity Found in Photographs

Dee Anne Dinelli is a beautiful human being who is the Media Director on the Board of Directors for Sierra Roots, a Nevada City non-profit focused on building community with the homeless population. She is a humanitarian in all that she does. She is also a professional photographer specializing in fine art portraiture, and is the owner of Shadow Dance Photographic Arts. 

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Nevada County Raised "This Child"


Anthony (Tony) Beverly is better known as Husky LePew at KVMR community radio. He is a night owl so you can always find him hosting a few RedEye shifts (12:00 - 4:00 am) each month, and providing quality entertainment for “grown folks.” He has a fabulous radio voice and all who have heard him on the radio are so happy he found a venue for his great style. He is pretty happy too!


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KVMR/A Place to Call Home receives grant!

Nevada City Broadcasting Group, Inc. (KVMR/A Place to Call Home) Awarded California Arts Council “Arts and Public Media” Grant


State funds support media projects that build public awareness for arts, culture, and creative expression


Nevada City, CA - The California Arts Council announced its plans to award $12,000 to KVMR’s project, A Place to Call Home as part of its Arts and Public Media program.


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