Bridge Street Project

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Moving Along Nicely

The building progress is moving along nicely as we approach the home stretch of the project.  The roof is full of heating and air conditioning equipment, and the repurposed siding is nearing completion.  The drywall is in place, and we are in the process of finishing it - taping and texturing the walls through the end of the month.  In the first couple weeks of September the "finishes" will begin!  Yay - all the pretty stuff!  Very exciting!

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Bridge Street Project Update 7-7-14

There is a beehive of activity going on inside the new building which soon will be the new home of KVMR.  Before insulation and drywall, we are working to complete all the rough electrical, rough heating and air conditioning, framing, rough plumbing, rough fire protection, and rough low voltage systems.  KVMR volunteers Eric Rice & crew and Jim Wilson are coordinating and working with Dave Barnett to install the low voltage wiring.   Volunteers Paul Barbieri and Rob Katz are heading up the work to re-purpose the old timbers. Many, many thanks to them all! 

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