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Board of Directors

Board Life Begins At 30 For KVMR's Two Newest Directors

Well, it's definitely the first time it's happened this century, and maybe even longer,  but KVMR volunteers elected two broadcasters in their early 30s to the station's Board of Directors  during the Nevada City non-commercial radio station's general meeting last week.

"Just having a (KVMRx.org and 105.7 FM) show wasn't enough for me," said new Board member Sean Patrick Leydon, 31 years old. "The station is in a state of flux, and that's important. I decided to take the avenue to help influence our path forward."

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Board's Eye View

Stay informed and connected monthly with the KVMR Board!  Welcome to the new Board of Directors' Blog.  Each month a different Board Member will share their thougths about KVMR and the work of the Board.  It will be an opportunity to get to know us better and to connect with us personally and the work that we do for the station.  We have a wonderful group of Board members who are passionate about KVMR and our role as a community radio station.  Through our work individually, as Board Committee members, and collectively, we are constantly working to better serve and engage our community.

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