Trance-It Lounge

Bill Emerson - Tuesday 10pm-12am

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Tues 11/3/2010:00 pm12:00 am
Tues 10/6/2010:00 pm12:00 am
Tues 9/8/2010:00 pm12:00 am
Tues 11/17/2010:00 pm12:00 am
Tues 10/20/2010:00 pm12:00 am
Tues 9/22/2010:00 pm12:00 am

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The place for drum and bass, trance and house. Alternates Tuesdays, 10pm-12am.


Trance-It Lounge – 11/17/20



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I was impressed with the late night/early morning vibe of the music. Trance It Lounge is an attempt to transport those experiences to radio, using 21st century music. email:

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