The Truth About COVID-19

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The Truth About COVID-19 –  An exploration of fact-finding through media, science and the internet during the time of COVID-19. KVMR’s Joyce Miller and Ali Lightfoot speak with researchers, journalists, scientists, doctors as well as a local public health official, astrologer and community member about where they find truth about COVID-19  and adapt to its ever-evolving story.



Jennifer Kavanaugh – A researcher who co-wrote a book called “Truth Decay,”  which explores the erosion of trust in mainstream media and how cognitive bias plays a role in what people choose to believe.





Professor  James R. Carey – of the UC Davis Department of Entomology and fellow at the American Association for the Advancement of Science shares trusted resources for scientific research.





Anita Varma – Assistant director of Journalism and Media Ethics at Santa Clara University shares her observations about how journalists should cover the ever-changing story of COVID-19.





Dr. James Tabery –  A professor at the University of Utah in the Department of Internal Medicine talks about the class he taught called “Detecting BS,” which delves into ways to detect fake or misleading research.





Astrologer Starlight Compost – talks about where she gets information on the spiritual, astrological and environmental implications of COVID-19.





Cindy Wilson, Director of Public Health Nursing for Nevada County – talks about the challenges in getting news and updates about safety protocols out to Nevada County and the constantly changing information coming from government agencies.


KVMR Listener Shane – believes the mainstream narrative is a lie and COVID-19 is a  “psy-op.” He talks about his distrust of any information coming from the government and how it is important to keep an open mind.

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Ali Lightfoot began her career in community radio at the tender age of 2 because mother, Marty Durlin, has had a life-long career in the field.   Ali’s childhood consisted of wandering stacks of records and CDs at KGNU in Boulder, answering phones during their pledge drives, watching live music performances and observing heated conversations about […]

A KVMR listener since the station’s early days, Joyce Miller is a proud graduate of the 2011 broadcaster training class. Joyce was the founder of Bedhead Radio, an eclectic music show from 4 to 7 a.m. on alternate Thursdays. Now she hosts Midnight Sun, showcasing Nordic music of all genres, on the second Thursday of […]

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