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Sun 6/13/2112:00 am4:00 am
Sun 4/18/2112:00 am4:00 am
Sun 3/21/2112:00 am4:00 am
Sun 6/27/2112:00 am4:00 am

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The Juke Joint brings you Blues, Soul and R&B music featuring a diverse variety of broadcasters. Hope you can tune in and join us.


The Juke Joint – 6/13/21

Host: Russ Roy





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I have been a long time listener of KVMR. I started doing a mounthly show with a broadcaster on KVMR in 2002. I finally got to take the class in 2004. at that point I started a redeye show called The u in Blues that ran till June 2008. I was also executive director for […]

The Blue Garage is a variety show that explores the outer reaches of R&B, Soul. Gospel, Blues and Rock. The show features hip shaking, body thumping dance hits and slow, soul wrenching ballads (suitable for the whole family); from Muscle Shoals, Alabama to the Motor City, Memphis, Tennessee to New Orleans, The Blue Garage explores […]

Scott retired from  teaching at Grizzly Hill School in 2010 and has spent his time gardening, fixing stuff, relaxing and volunteering with local NPOs.  He lives in Nevada City.  He is also a member of the local blues band Grease, Grit, and Grime.  He has played blues harmonica in the Bay Area since 1968 backing […]

Being a latch key kid in beautiful rural surroundings and having the accessibility of my parents’ record collections had its advantages growing up.  I guess I could credit this with the beginnings of a very broad taste and appreciation of music and nature and related experiences. When they divorced early on, I was left with […]

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