Standard Deviations

Wednesday 2pm-4pm

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Wed 6/9/212:00 pm4:00 pm
Wed 4/14/212:00 pm4:00 pm
Wed 3/17/212:00 pm4:00 pm

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There’s nothing standard about Standards. Just the best and most enduring of music. For a hundred years. There’s nothing abnormal about Deviations. Just the Standards you know and love, sometimes in versions you’ve never heard before. And Deviations that turn old favorites into something new. Standard Deviations: Music you’ll want to know. Music you’ll love.


Standard Deviations – 6/9/21


Standard Deviations crew

I was once a High School teacher of Latin, a time best forgotten, and a university professor, also best forgotten, before becoming a training manager for Bank of America in the UK and San Francisco for more years than I intended. My wife Jeanne and I moved to Grass Valley in 2002, hopefully a final […]

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