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Edy Cassell - Thursday 10pm-12am

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Thurs 6/10/2110:00 pm12:00 am
Thurs 4/15/2110:00 pm12:00 am
Thurs 3/18/2110:00 pm12:00 am
Thurs 5/27/2110:00 pm12:00 am

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ROAD DOG /rod dog/ (n); homie, friend, buddy, associate, crony, comrade, partner in crime RADIO /rad.e.o/ (n) : the wireless transmission of electronic impulses ROAD DOG RADIO: a show on KVMR FM Community Radio hosted by Edy Cassell airing on alternate Thursday evenings from 10 pm until midnight, featuring a wide variety of music from commercial and independent artists within and throughout the eclectic genres of rap, hip hop, funk, soul, electronica, turntablism, and beyond.


Road Dog Radio – 5/27/21



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Volunteer Director When Edy isn’t busy trying to turn old folkies into hip hop fans, she can usually be found home on the farm. ROAD DOG RADIO Alt. Thursdays 10-midnight       Volunteer Director Edy Cassell (530) 264-4164

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