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Thomas Greener - Saturday 12pm-2pm

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Sat 8/1/2012:00 pm2:00 pm
Sat 11/7/2012:00 pm2:00 pm
Sat 10/10/2012:00 pm2:00 pm
Sat 9/12/2012:00 pm2:00 pm
Tues 9/15/2012:00 pm2:00 pm
Sat 11/21/2012:00 pm2:00 pm

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Long time host Thomas Greener features Country-Western focusing on the music of Austin, Texas, folk, cajun, and more, with the Gospel Corner at 12:45.

Ragged But Right – 11/21/20



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I guess you and I can give credit or blame to the Larmans’ (Rosalyn & Howard) at KPFA in Los Angeles, for really getting me hooked on Folk Music, and the kind of radio stations which played Real Folk Music. Their Saturday radio shows were a Must for me in the 70’s. I learned of […]

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