Get Back Under The Covers

Poly & Mollie - Wednesday 12pm-2pm

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Fri 2/12/21 12:00 pm 2:00 pm

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This Friday, noon-2pm, Poly & Molly (the Amory sisters) invite you to get back Under The Covers with them, for cover songs you don’t remember. In this episode, hear an irony-free “Girl with the Faraway Eyes,” and a Velvet Underground tune rearranged to sound like a James Bond theme song. The boys are singing the girl’s parts, Patti sings Kurt, Waylon sings Stevie, reggae John Denver–dogs and cats living together! Get Back In Bed with Poly & Mollie and snuggle up Under The Covers.


Get Back Under The Covers – 2/12/21




Get Back Under The Covers crew

Poly & Mollie are two lovely humans that want to get under the covers with you!

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