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An eclectic journey of ever-changing musical genres and sound bytes of wisdom from a retired baby boomer and recovering attorney. I emphasize great cover songs and virtuoso vocal performances. I play a lot of the usual grayhead psychedelic stuff, but I listen to current music and always feature at least some new and some really old stuff.  You will hear everything from Dean Martin to Taylor Swift.   I also have a segment called Copycats, in which I tell the tale of a copyright infringement battle/lawsuit and then play the two songs side by side so listeners can make up their own minds. I like to read inspirational quotes.


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PaulBerger Name of my Show: Dawn Eclectica Once upon a time may eons ago (when America was Great the First Time), Paul was a kid living in upstate New York who discovered pop music on his transistor radio. Paul’s interest in music has never waned, persevering through his parents’ uprooting him to Southern California (since […]

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