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Starlight Kompost

Broadcast Day/Time: 
5:10AM - 8:10AM, Monday thru Friday

Starlight Kompost, has roots deep on the fabled San Juan Ridge where she's lived since age 3, and reminds one of the old days' KVMR and it fits the old school iconoclast hippie paradigm.
Her love of Asian astrological forecasting came later, in 2000, when she recalls with an irresistible smile, "I had these visions from God, to use a loaded word." 

"These numbers came in human form," Starlight says, "and they were hovering over me when I woke up."
She's been doing what she calls multi-cultural cosmology readings now for some 17 years, and she says she takes time to notice the words and language that "gives people the A-Ha" effect. Like when they realize something she's told them seems to truly matter to them them, "A-Ha". In fact, that's how Kompost ends each of her radio reports, with "A-Ha." 

"When you're working with somebody, so you're trying to get them to have what I call truth bumps, like goosebumps when the right word or phrase resonates. Then, it's like a ringing bell to them." 

Tune Monday thru Friday at 5:10AM & 8:10AM.