The Rock'n Down Under Show

Broadcast Day/Time: 
10PM - 12AM, Alternate Mondays

Spinning tracks from New Zealand and Australian artists. 

For those musicos that have sent us their work; Thank You!
We enjoy promoting your music, and it's rewarding for us to receive phone queries when we're 'ON AIR'.

From time-to-time, we 'spotlight' an individual artist. Although, we need several tracks and a bio to do this. Our research indicates The Rock'n DownUnder Show is the ONLY REAL TIME radio program in America promoting musicians specific to Australasia. Beside the cost to produce an album, shipping CD's from overseas can be costly and time consuming.

If you have music for us to promote, send via Drop Box, or Sound Cloud to our e-mail address:

Let your talent be heard on U.S. FM radio! No strings. No hidden cost's. We do it for the love of music. So help us share the word. We can't do this without your music. 

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