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Healthcare As Though People Matter

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6PM, occasional, during KVMR Evening News

During the past several decades, as healthcare morphed from a service into a major industry, business concerns slowly replaced personal ones like compassion and communication. This podcast series by Dr. Jeff Kane, “HEALTHCARE AS THOUGH PEOPLE MATTER,” advocates the restoration of human values. 

Dr. Jeff Kane practiced medicine in venues as varied as the National Institutes of Health and county hospital emergency departments. In the mid-1970s he shifted his direction to facilitating support groups for people affected by cancer. He founded the support programs at Sutter Cancer Center in Sacramento and Sierra Nevada Cancer Center in Grass Valley. Jeff’s published many articles on the healing relationship along with the books Be Sick Well and How to Heal. His newest book, Healing Healthcare: How Doctors and Patients Can Heal Our Sick System, urges reform through revival of the venerable bedside manner. He lives in Nevada City, CA with his wife, writer Ronnie Paul.




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