Saturday’s Red Eye – Dazed and Eventually Sued

Written by on February 12, 2018

      On the next Red Eye Radio midnight to 4 am this Saturday February 17, I’ll continue with my Copycats series.   Learn how Jimmy Page and his publisher were sued for copyright infringement by the guy who wrote the Dr. Pepper commercial!  But why did he wait more than 40 years to sue?   And did you know that Jimmy performed Dazed and Confused with Yardbirds BEFORE it became a hit on Zep’s debut album?   (Warning: do not listen to the Yardbirds version while driving a motor vehicle or operating heavy machinery)   

      The first hour will sound so amazing I dare you to turn off the radio.  I’ve also got early Who, the Beach Boys horsing around with a signature song, Dire Straits Gregorian style, very old and very new R&B and another gem from my favorite new Scottish singer Amy MacDonald, but not before a trip on the Deutsche Autobahn with a stop in Bollywood.  Knock down 5 espressos and 4 cans of Red Bull and enjoy the whole show; or stream later by going to

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