Prickly Pear On Creating A Radio Show From Home

Written by on May 1, 2020

KVMR recently published an article about how our various broadcasters are producing radio shows from home. We thought it would be nice to get a closer look at what some of these brilliant DJs have been going through to make this all happen.
Prickly Pear Q & A (Host of Monday’s Music Magazine, 4pm-6pm): 
Q: Let us know if this is a first for you?
A: First timer here!!!! Prickly Pear has dropped tunes in programs before, tunes that I have wanted to share with the listeners before, ones that have FCC’s and need to be edited before sharing…. that is the only ‘experience’ the Pear has…songs that NEED to be heard, but need a little ‘cleaning up’ but an entire 2 hour show, dropped and organized and timed just right… NEVER!
Q: Why did you want to produce your own show for KVMR?
A: Prickly Pear misses their people!!! KVMR listeners! Archives are sweet throwbacks, but that wasn’t fulfilling the Pears juice pockets, I really needed to connect! I don’t have my routine of going to work everyday, connecting with my people at Neighborhood Center, and the connection my son and I have with KVMR every other Monday is also gone, like many other humans, we are missing the rhythm of our days. So being able to create and submit a playlist was a way to connect – it made a little bit of normal come back into our lives.
Q: Did you find it easy, hard or both?
A: Both!!! It was hard mostly because I have never dropped two hours of music into a program before, as well as talking and not really knowing what time I was in… After a few years of producing a show in the studio, I have been able to find the groove and know how many songs I need to make a show happen, But this is new. I have no idea what I am doing, and there are not as many buttons and lights, so that is a little bummer. I like buttons and I like lights (the board at KVMR that is… well let’s be real, the OLD board from the previous studio was ‘LIT’).
Q: What was the most difficult part?
A: Not being ‘home’ as in the KVMR home, that was the most difficult part. Being in the studio connects me to the listeners. connects me to the KVMR family. We get to say hello to our friends there, Steve, Kyra, my front desk friend, Sean, Shauna or Edy, Paul and Felton…Even tag teaming the broadcaster ahead of me, Mark Leviton, is super special!!! Just being in the studio with other humans is rewarding. Every other Monday I get to leave work early to go into town, have a special treat with the ‘succulent’ and then meander up to the studio for our show. That routine and ritual is gone…That is the most difficult part.  The tradition of sharing the day with my son, and those who tune in, it just feels different. Going inside of KVMR is a huge huge piece of why I am a broadcaster. It is not just tossing new music together that turns me on, it is actually entering the building, touching and talking to people that makes my radio soul tick!!!
Q: How did you feel when you heard it on the radio or heard your final
A: Ewwww, listening back to myself is so not a turn on… It is however, a teaching tool to see what I need to do different, what worked, what didn’t work…It was strange. The succulent was tripped out when I did go live on air. He said you were here, but at KVMR at the same time…that was strange. YES it was!!! It is just not the same. I love the opportunity to continue to participate as an active broadcaster, don’t get me wrong, but there is something so sexy about being hands on, on deck at the studio itself.
Q: How has the coronavirus affected your radio work?
A; I am not there. We are not there. I can hear in my voice the sadness, the exhaustion, the disconnection. It is magical to be in the studio live, it really is. I can’t imagine doing this all of the time, it just doesn’t feel right. Our hearts are suppose to be beating in there, Live 24 hours a day. I feel like I am cheating on the mission of community radio. I am appreciative of KVMR keeping us safe! I am all for that, but I feel so distant and lonely from my radio work. Also, the Monday Monday Monday Monday Music Magazine usually features new music, the coronavirus has slowed many musicians down, so I don’t have as many go to songs to share. So I am going through the thousands of tracks I have to find songs to share. I’m still having fun, yet it is not the same.
Q: Do you feel more knowledgeable now that you’ve had this experience?
If so, how?  If not, why not?
A: (Huff) More knowledgeable? NO. I’m just a broadcaster who wants to share music. As my dad would say, I’m not knowing. I know how to share music from the studio, that is live and real. This is real, not live. I am still learning, but also don’t want this to be the new normal!!! I like the real thing! I miss KVMR!!!
Q: What stood out for you in the experience?
A: That people still listen. The notes I had in my email inbox proved that people are still listening and miss us. That brought a tear or two to my eyes, and the Succulent said, DON’T CRY MOM! But these tears are tears of happiness. It warms my soul to have our listeners call when I am in the studio, and for people to take time out of their day to send an email. That is sweet.
I miss life. I miss the 80 people I would have contact with daily… I really do. My heart feels a bit broken without them… that is all… I miss KVMR. BAD. Love you. Love me!

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