The Beer Show episode #25 w/the Suds Buds

  • Monks Cellar Roseville
  • Sacramento Beer Week 2019
  • Nevada City Bike Classic Beer Fest 2019
  • Matt Margulies, Nevada City Bike Classic Beer Fest 2019
  • NC Kombuchary
Air date: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Yep it's that time again for another installment of The Beer Show featuring an interview with Andy Klein from Monk’s Cellar and Big Mike Moore on the Trappist Beer Dinner at the recent Sacramento Beer Week. Plus local beer aficionado Matt Margulies will be in the studio to talk about the upcoming Nevada City Bike Classic Beer Fest, and an in studio chat with Patrick Millar co-owner of NC Kombuchary. Whew! What a show eh? And of course we'll have fun beer news and beer tunes to boot!