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KVMR's Furriest Members Wax Poetic about how great community radio is

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Here at KVMR we are a bunch of animals, or at least we love our animals, and they love us back. KVMR has a long tradition of furry friends finding a way to call in during membership drives (even without thumbs!) or drop by the station to drop off a check and get their belly rubbed. 

This Saturday KVMR partners with Sammie's Friends to promote awareness about Nevada County's official non-profit no-kill animal shelter. Sign up your pet to support the work KVMR does in getting the word out about civic action and engagement in your community and get a limited edition KVMR pet tag with your pet's name and phone number- or you can have a portion of the proceeds go directly to Sammie's.


Meet The Apex of Sweetness:

Honkey-tonk drinking songs keep Sweet calm, and a calm water buffalo makes for happy neighbors!

The Apex of Sweetness, a domesticated female asian water buffalo, has remained a proud 
supporter of KVMR radio for many years. Sweetness, a swamp buffalo, resides on a ranch in 
the San Joaquin Delta enjoying unlimited bathing and wallowing opportunities. Her name 
reveals why she is the primary actor in the privately funded Asian Water Buffalo Cognitive 
Research Project. 
Sweet is her favored name due to her monosyllabic voice recognition limitations. Asian water 
buffalo, like our favorite dogs, actively seek and respond to human companionship. Sweetness 
responds fondly to a calm human voice. She prefers music within a rather narrow spectrum of 
cadence, rhythm, and consistently identifiable voice typically heard in early Ry Cooder/Terry 
Evans funk and country/western honky-tonk drinking songs. She likes Merle, Jones, Conway 
Twitty and others in the whiskey/heartbreak/barstool style. Rock & Roll and blues make 
Sweetness anxious. Two thousand lbs of anxiety can become a challenge. 
Saturday is a big day for Sweet beginning with Larry Hillberg. We have observed her wistfully 
gazing at the radio in her shed more often when Larry shares the stories of his travels. Even in 
the hot Delta summer months she will climb out of the slough to head to her shed for a full 
Saturday with KVMR.

Meet Big Suze:


Big Suze is never underdressed in her tuxedo and tail

Big Suze became a member in the Love Your Mothership Drive in May. She has this to say about her decision: "My current household found me because of KVMR. The old lady and the kid decided to flake out on chores one day and go pick out cats instead. They heard Barbara Graves' Shelter Report the day before, and Barbara was talking on and on about some cat named Babe. Fortunately my new home had the good sense to get me instead. They tell me all the time that I'm the most grateful cat they've ever met, but I wouldn't wear that hideous pet tag as I don't think it's real diamonds."

Meet Max the Hamster:


Max is truly tired of being called Max; "My name is Mildew, goddammit!"

Max the Hamster has been a member of KVMR since before he was born; first he was a hamster named Max, then he was a another hamster named Max. By the time of his birth Jerianne was ready for a hamster not named Max. Meet Mildew. Quote... "I lead a simple life, and yet my cage is right next to the radio, life just stays more exciting in the wheel with my tunes. Take it from me, it may be just peanuts but I know when I give it keeps the big wheels rollin' for my radio time." Well said, Mildew! But you can just call him Max. 

Meet Nimbu the Kiltlifter:

Nimbu loves doing kilt security at the Celtic Festival: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." 

Nimbu comes from a long line of KVMR-loving canines. The Hounds of Bourbon Lodge have been KVMR members almost since there was a KVMR. Nimbu is happy to lend his talents to ensure the lads are keeping it real under their kilts at the Celtic Festival- no contraband or underwear. Thanks Nimbu, keep up the good work!

Meet Adobe:

A baddass llama needs badass radio

I am Adobe, and I listen to KVMR for the lost animal reports. I was a llama on the llam once, and so many people called KVMR because they saw me hanging out on the side of the road, that I eventually found my way home. I know I look like a nice guy, but actually I am badass. Bears and mountain lions beware! I stay awake late into the night grooving with my goats and listening to my favorite KVMR show, Road Dog Radio.


Meet Buddha:

He's one smart puppy- and he never gossips!

Buddha's is a brand new member of KVMR- he's just a few months old. He's still learning the ropes, like how to sit and lay down, and also who's good for a belly rub around the studio. He comes in on Tuesday with Michael Stone, and he's always patiently interested in Conversations,  so long as someone's around to give him a reward snuggle for being such a good boy.  "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? It's Buddha Buddy, huh... [scratch scratch, insert untintelligible cooing]

Thanks to all our furry friends!