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Sold-Out Folk Concert To Air Live On KVMR, Video Stream On Station's Facebook Page

A sold-out reunion concert featuring the fabled City Folk trio can still be heard -- and seen -- thanks to KVMR 89. 5 FM community radio. 

The 7:30 p.m. Thursday (Nov. 9) concert -- a benefit concert to raise money to help pay off KVMR's new building and the Nevada Theatre's remodeling costs -- will be broadcast live on the Nevada City radio station and, in addition, will be video streamed live on KVMR's Facebook page.  

"It's a way to say thanks to all those supporting us and this very special reunion," said  KVMR volunteer broadcaster Larry Hillberg, a co-producer of the concert along with KVMR Volunteer Hall of Fame member John Adams. 

"You can't be there or couldn't get a ticket?" added KVMR Program Director Steve Baker. "Hear 'em and see 'em. We've got you covered with live radio and streaming video on Facebook." 

That's a major win-win for those  who couldn't get seats for the popular folk group's first area reunion since 2006, and, hey, that was a private event anyway.

With topical lyrics and a contemporary edge, City Folk's meticulous three-part harmony is underscored by richly textured acoustic instrumentation that speaks to the complexities of the modern landscape. It also touches the intimacy of an evening of friends and family around the kitchen table. 

The group toured throughout the country and began recording in the late 1980s, enjoying wide popularity on the folk and Americana circuits, including the release of two critically acclaimed albums in 1992 and 2002. 

City Folk's  Keith Greeninger minced no words about his support for the benefit.

"Radio stations like KVMR create an incredible thing for so many independent musicians, ourselves included." he noted. 

"It's very, very important for us to keep free speech, community radio with real deejays alive and growing," Greeninger said.  "We want to support those who support that concept (community radio)." 

Okay, it'll be a lovefest at the theater, over the air and video streaming online, for sure. 

Master of Ceremonies Brian Terhorst introduce City Folk, whose songs Terhorst used to open and close his "Harmony Ridge" KVMR program for 15  years on Saturday mornings. 

"Were it not for City Folk, listeners wouldn't know the Harmony Ridge show the  way that we do," explained Terhorst, former general manager of the community radio station (1996-2005) and now a volunteer broadcaster..  "The fact that the band is waiving their fee as a benefit for KVMR validates how important KVMR has been to them as artists over the years." 

City Folk members Kimball Hurd and Roger Feuer will join Greeninger in the reunion, with Feuer flying in from the east coast for the fundraiser. 

Monterey Bay-based musical artist Alisa Fineman, performing with City Folk's multi-instrumentalist Hurd, opens the show at 7:30 p.m. 



There's no stopping longtime KVMR volunteer  broadcaster ("Dead Air") and board member Richard Dunk when a good idea begins to percolate inside his head. 

Case in point: the guy heard this "rich, evocative" music collection of songs about the Vietnam War that just made him think it'd make a spectacular Veteran's Day program. 

The result? 

An eight -- count 'em, eight -- hour special featuring music and sound clips from the Bear Family's  13-CD box set titled "Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War On Record 1961-2008" this  Friday (Nov. 10),  noon to 8 p.m., in honor of Veteran's Day, plus Nigel Kennedy's acclaimed concerto for violin and orchestra, based on the music of Jim Morrison and The Doors. 

"This is not a spoken word polemic on either the merits of the war or the politics, motives, perspectives of supporters and opponents," Dunk said. "It's a music program, some of it pro-war and some of it anti-war.  We want the listeners to draw their own conclusions as we reflect on the lives that were sacrificed on the long and slow road to peace." 

"We'll plow through a treasure chest of music and news clips that celebrate, deplore and chronicle our country's experience in Vietnam before, during and after years of bloodshed and reconciliation," according to Dunk. 

In the aftermath of the recent Ken Burns' PBS documentary on the Vietnam  War, Dunk may be on to something. 

The CDs go all over the place from "Soldier Boy" (The Shirelles) to "The 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night" (Simon & Garfunkel), and "The Ballad of The Green Berets" (Barry Sadler) to "Sky Pilot" (Eric Burdon & The Animals). 

You'll likely hear "The Draft Dodger Rag"  (Phil Ochs) and the classic "An Open Letter To My Teenage Son" (Victor Lundberg).

It's that kind of collection...with songs about the war still being gathered decades after its official 1975 "end".