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What's Happening @ KVMR

Prairie Home Meets The Late Show: 'WonderLove' Radio Series Debuts Sunday At The Center

It isn't every day you can see a possible national radio series premiere getting made, but that's exactly what's happening at The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley this coming  Sunday afternoon.

And according to producer/host Elisa Parker, the pilot episode of "WonderLove" is "sort of  Nevada County's version of Prairie Home Companion meeting The Late Show bringing community together through storytelling, music, art, Living Room Conversation Sessions and dance." 

Monkey See, Monkey Do? KVMR Having Fun With Its Community Survey

Jeez, how do you make a survey sexy?

Maybe it's the monkey...

"Ah, well, I guess we're going with the Survey Monkey theme, but maybe it's representative of our collective monkey minds," notes a smiling  KVMR 89.5 FM General Manager Julie Chiarelli. "We're always running around with new thoughts and ideas and trying to make some sense and practical good of it all."

KVMR Celebrates Live Fair Broadcast With Ukelele Spectacular

Once again, KVMR 89.5 FM moves its daytime programming out to the Nevada County Fair for eight hours or so a day of making community  radio in front of, yup, the community itself. 

Wednesday through Sunday (Aug. 13), there'll be a parade of community leaders, non-profit representatives, environmental and social activists, artist types, and plenty of ribbon winners, particularly 4-H Club members, being interviewed at the KVMR Broadcast Tent, located on Treat Street near the pony rides, a school bingo game and the bratwurst booth.

Sounding Fine at 39

KVMR celebrates its birthday with a BBQ and a potluck, but the community jam is the frosting on the cake.

Earlier this month KVMR sponsored a concert at Pioneer Park celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. The event was wildly successful, attracting twice as many tie-dyed revelers as expected. The people at the gate ran out of wristbands and had to quickly rustle up some more.

The Yes Man: when it comes to subbing for broadcasters, Eric Flaherty is just a guy who can’t say no

KVMR has more than 150 volunteer broadcasters, and usually they’re raring to get on the air and play music. But sometimes fate intervenes, in the form of laryngitis, a flat tire, a sick puppy. At those times, three words spring to mind:

“Better call Eric.”

In just a few years as a broadcaster, Eric Flaherty has become the go-to guy for desperate deejays, especially at the last minute. Why? He’s passionate about playing music, but, just as important, “I always say yes.”

New KVMR Worldfest Broadcast Producer Is Major Live Music Supporter

It's the 21st California Worldfest this weekend, and, hmm, the 21st time KVMR 89.5 FM will broadcast it, beginning to end. 

Only the names are changing a little this year. 

Lynn Heintz -- with eight years of KVMR live remote broadcasting experience behind him -- is taking the reins as the broadcast producer for the Nevada City radio station. 

Only he's got some strong and maybe unexpected words of advice, at least for nearby listeners. 

"Turn off your radio and come down to see Worldfest live."

Party Like It’s 1967: KVMR’s Summer of Love Fest Kicks Off a Music-Filled July

Broadcaster Johnny Gallagher, host of the Tuesday Music Magazine on KVMR 89.5 FM, grew up in San Francisco, just five blocks from Haight Street. When the Summer of Love blossomed in 1967 in a swirl of tie-dye, music, patchouli and other distinctive scents, he says it was “a party every night.”

He met young people from all over the country as they converged on the city, exuberantly flouting conventional values. It was a magical time and place for a music-loving teenager. Gallagher trusted that the same phenomenon was breaking out all over.

KVMR, StoryCatchers Reel in 2nd State Grant to Support Homeless Project

You could say the fishing's been good for KVMR 89.5 FM volunteer broadcaster/producers Betty Louise and Susan Davis. 

Not only have they "caught" over 50 personal stories so far as part of the KVMR StoryCatchers, but they and KVMR just reeled in a second grant for their "A Place To Call Home" multimedia project, this one for $12,000 from the California Arts Council as part of its Arts and Public Media Program. 

That follows a $5,000 California Humanities For All "quick grant" they and the Nevada City community radio station received back in December. 

30 Years On Air & 18,000 Singles: How Brian Lee Defines A Radio Era

Back in June of 1987, volunteer broadcaster Brian Lee's love for a particular era of oldies found his radio home on KVMR 89.5 FM. 

Thirty years later this very month, it's still there, "Color Radio," Saturdays 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., a veritable "Rhythm & Blues Revue" (its original series title.) 

"No, I never would've guessed I'd still be on," muses Lee. "But I continue to discover new old music and new old stories about the music so I feel like I still have fresh things to talk about each week."