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What's Happening @ KVMR

The Volunteer Who Keeps 35,000 CDs In Alphabetical Order

Sometimes, it's the littlest details that need attention.

And that's why a dedicated volunteer can truly make a big difference, especially at Nevada City community radio station KVMR 89.5 FM.

For the past 15, yup, count 'em, 15 years, John Stabile has almost single-handedly put stickers with the first four letters of a recording artist's name on the spine of the compact disc package and filed them alphabetically in the station's massive music library.

Populist' Hightower Joins KVMR Morning Show

The word "populist" is never too far from  Jim Hightower's name, and he's made a career out of championing the little guy while giving a hard time to those at the very top.

You see, Hightower believes the true political spectrum is not right to left but top to bottom.  And the tall Texan does his radio political commentaries with a sharp wit that leaves the listener with a smile and a hope, no matter how depressing the news might be.

How This Award Winner Developed A Love Affair For Radio

For KVMR 89.5 FM volunteer broadcaster Kim Rogers, it was a series of short steps that's led to one big, double-award winning radio plunge.

She discovered the eclectic Nevada City station by accident driving around one day when she and her son were surprised to hear "our favorite stuff" on radio.

After awhile, her interest in the station led her to look into doing graphics for advertisers in station's listener guide.

Celebrating April Fools Over The Years on KVMR

Next Tuesday, of course, is April 1st, better known as, duh,  April Fools Day.

Which has been a day of some tomfoolery played on listeners of Nevada City community radio station KVMR  89.5 FM over the years.

There was the year when the station ran a news bulletin that Nevada City officials had approved building a Walmart in the historic downtown district to replace Friar
Tuck's after the restaurant had burned down.  Eyebrows were raised.

Framing Starts As Dry Conditions Help NC Project Out

The dry conditions wreaking havoc on California ironically are helping the Bridge Street Project, Nevada City's largest community arts construction in nearly 150 years.
With little to no rain days slowing construction of the nearly $4 million home for  KVMR and Nevada Theatre expansion, Landmark Construction --the general contractor -- says work could be completed by late August.
Diane McIntire, the project's owner's representative, says the framing contractor has moved in scaffolding this week in preparation to begin work in ba