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What's Happening @ KVMR

KVMR's 29 Years of Live Remote Broadcasts

With the addition of a pair of absolute California music festival gems, KVMR's summer live remote broadcast schedule is once again bursting at the seams...and then some.

The Strawberry Music Festival will join the festivities when it moves to the Nevada County Fairgrounds in mid-September, creating a historic first for KVMR when we're broadcasting two -- count 'em -- two different music festivals the very same weekend.  And they said it couldn't be done.

In addition, the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy joins the KVMR concert line-up on the Fourth of July weekend.

Eric Rice at Father's Day Bluegrass Fest

"Sira" Record Review [World Music]

This duo, composed of Ablaye Cissoko (composer, kora & vocals) and Volker Goetze (trumpet, composer & producer) offer a pleasant and relaxing world music listening experience. Cissoko certainly shouldn't be unfavorably compared to Toumani Diabate as JAZZTIMES reviewer Bill Milkowski rudely did last year. Nor should the music be judged against the strictures of jazz inprovization.

How The New KVMR Building Continues To Grow Via...Recycling

It's been just over a year since the tin sheds behind the Nevada Theatre were carefully dismantled to make way for the new home for KVMR 89.5 FM radio and a backstage expansion of the theater in downtown Nevada City.

As the new building has risen dramatically from the ground the past few months,  the recycling begins.

"We are re-purposing timbers salvaged from the sheds," explained Diane McIntire, the owner's representative for the $4 million Bridge Street Project. She is monitoring the project on behalf of the station, the theater and the community.

How 400,000 German POWs Spent World War II in the U.S.

It is simply a piece of World War II history that few people have a single clue about.

During the war, some 400,000 captured German soldiers were shipped across the Atlantic to prison camps dotted across the U.S., which is probably stunning news to most Americans even if they've studied the war in high school or college. 

Now, however,  that story is about to be told in a national radio special that will air Thursday at noon on KVMR (89.5 FM, kvmr.org streaming).

Mom Makes Sure Her Son Is KVMR's Youngest Member

There wasn't any doubt that Odin Medeiros-Riley was going to become the youngest KVMR 89.5 FM member, since he joined three months before he was born in January.

That, of course, was courtesy his mom, Amee Medeiros, a KVMR volunteer broadcaster from the station's 2013 class.

"I've always believed in giving back to the community," she explained.  "He's our first child, and I definitely want to teach him that principle."

Greg Jewett: A Focused DJ Who Breaks The Mold

Now how can a professional book indexer end up being an award-winning  radio disc jockey?

Easy, if you're KVMR  Monday Music Magazine host Greg Jewett (4 pm-6pm Mondays, 89.5 FM, kvmr.org streaming).

"I throw myself into the indexing work," explained Greg. "It takes a single mental focus, the same way I treat my radio show."

According to Jewett, "I get tunnel vision.  I can focus on something I really love in both cases."

How KVMR is like the Original KFAT

KVMR 89.5 FM's Saturday daytime programming has definitely been influenced by the legacy of the beloved KFAT radio station in the sleepy little town of  Gilroy during the late '70s and early '80s. KFAT offered a mix of roots music, Americana, bluegrass, country rock, blues, surreal humor and edgy comedy.

"It only lasted seven years, not long for the kind of legacy it has in the radio world," KVMR Chief Engineer Dave Barnett noted. "But there really wasn't anyone else at the time doing the adventurous, bizarre radio that KFAT was."

Have A FAT Saturday!

Fatheads, Unite! KVMR's  Saturday daytime programming has definitely been influenced by the legacy of the beloved KFAT radio station in Gilroy during the '70s and early '80s.  KFAT offered a mix of humor, roots music, Americana, bluegrass, country rock, blues and more.