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What's Happening @ KVMR

KVMR Tent Jam Sparks A Reunion After 7 Years For Sawmill Road; Alternative Stream Offers 'No Banjos Required'

There's something pretty special about KVMR 89.5 FM's broadcast tent at the annual Father's Day Bluegrass Festival.

Just about every year -- when the main stage is empty or between acts -- a band or a jam, often impromptu, creates a sort of aura that  Eric Rice (in his 32nd year as volunteer broadcast producer) wishes he could bottle. Okay, the crew does record it, at least.

From the 'Beatnik Riot' to an Original Fish, Meet David Bennett Cohen

Sure, David Bennett Cohen -- playing an intimate house concert in KVMR 89.5 FM's Community Room this Sunday at  5 p.m. -- was one of the original Country Joe and the Fish back around 1965. 

But Cohen's musical activism goes back far before that to, yup, April, 1961 when he was one of the musicians involved in the so-called "Beatnik Riot" in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, New York City, protesting the authorities' refusal to allow musicians permits to play in the park, where Cohen had started performing while barely a teenager. 

Indie Radio Producers Find Themselves In Awe of KVMR Building

Veteran independent radio producers (and married couple) Gregg McVicar and Gabriela Castelan are longtime "Strawberryians," a term for regulars at the semi-annual Strawberry Music Festival, just held last weekend at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. 

But a side trip took them to KVMR 89.5 FM's new building (well, two years old now) and the adjoining Nevada Theatre (well, 152 years old now),  where they sometimes looked like kids in a candy store, snapping photos, big smiles on their faces and telling radio stories of their own as well. 

KVMR Kicks Off Festival Broadcasts With 'The Strawberry Way'

KVMR 89.5 FM's live broadcast of summer music festivals gets "The Strawberry Way" kickoff this holiday weekend when the Nevada City radio station carries 50, yes, 50 hours from the Nevada County Fairgrounds. 

Station broadcasters will team with the Strawberry Music Festival's legendary Hog Ranch Radio crew for the third consecutive airing of Strawberry's spring festival, running Thursday afternoon through Sunday night. 

Civics 101 & Healthcare Town Hall

KVMR will broadcast a pair of Town Hall Meetings this week. 

First off, a YubaNet.com town hall focused on making the most out of your participation in public meetings takes place Monday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Nevada Theatre, downtown Nevada City

"A bewildering alphabet soup, government speak and obscure rules to outsiders can make participating in meetings a daunting task," notes YubaNet co-founder Pascale Fusshoeller.

This Saturday: KVMR On-Air Fundraiser in Grips of Festivalmania

Festivalmania will be breaking out all over KVMR 89.5 FM this Saturday as the Nevada City radio station winds up its "Summer of Love" on-air fundraising drive. 

"There'll be a plethora of tickets to a plethora of festivals," claims KVMR Program Director Steve Baker.  "Now if we only knew how many a plethora is."

Well, do the math:

--May 25-29, Strawberry Music Festival at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley. 

--June 9-10, Huichica West Festival 2017, Sonoma.

Big Day Of Giving Pop-Up Broadcasts Kick Off KVMR On-Air Fundraiser

The Big DOGs are already howling on KVMR 89.5 FM, which has so embraced the national Day Of Giving (DOG) to community non-profits that the Nevada City public radio station is kicking off its spring membership drive in conjunction with the coast-to-coast event.

In fact, KVMR will be hosting four -- count'em, four --  broadcast "pop up" live remote broadcast events today (May 4) at local business supporters.  

Paule Castro: A Techie With A Twisted Sense of Humor

That darn Paule Castro. 

One of the co-hosts of the KVMR 89.5 FM biweekly series, "Zen Tech," he and good friend Glenn Far (they met through KVMR, duh) wanted to invent a computer and technology series that wouldn't frighten the so-called Luddites away. 

And that was the birth of a long-running radio series now in its teens on alternate Wednesdays. Their next show is Wednesday, April 26 (1 p.m.) 

"We gave it the name 'Zen Tech' because we didn't want to scare people with the technology," recalls Castro. "We wanted to give it a touchy, feely kind of name."