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What's Happening @ KVMR

How One Song Inspired The Guy Behind KVMR's First Live Festival Broadcast

Well, this is the week the grass turns blue at the Nevada County Fairgrounds as swarms of mandolins, guitars, fiddles and even banjos fill the site, with the musical occupation being broadcast live on KVMR 89.5 FM.

In fact, it's the 34th annual live remote broadcast of the Father's Day Bluegrass Festival, making it the granddaddy of the eclectic Nevada City radio station's live festival coverage. 

KVMR Celebrates Diversity In 'All-Request Music Day' Next Wednesday

Maybe it's the Beatles. Or The Boss. Aretha?  Joni?  Or a favorite wry songwriter like John Prine. 

Maybe some Miles Davis jazz.  Or going back further in time to the likes of Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday,...

How about a folk giant like Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie...or maybe U. Utah Phillips?  Joan Baez?

And, hey, how do you pick just one?  

KVMR Ready For 2019's Only Strawberry Musical 'Adventure'

The two stalwarts of KVMR 89.5 FM's  Strawberry Music Festival coverage from the Nevada County Fairgrounds this weekend are ready for anything in their sixth annual live remote broadcast -- and they don't care what the weather is. 

"It's going to be an adventure," said KVMR Chief Engineer Dave "Buzz" Barnett, a member of the festival's Hog Ranch Radio crew since the mid-'80s, "though some of my fondest Strawberry memories and experiences are ones that took place in bad weather."  

Whole Lotta Jerry Lee Lewis Shakin' Going On KVMR-FM Saturday Special

Jerry Lee Lewis is the greatest Country singer ever, bar none. He's been overlooked in that department. Though he gets effusive praise for rockin' the piano harder and longer than any other mortal, few remark on the range and power of his voice, his ability to deliver the heart of a song, his vocal audacity and complete freedom within the groove.   

Big Day Of Giving KVMR Remote Broadcasts to 'Pop-Up' Across Town

For the fourth consecutive year, KVMR 89.5 FM is celebrating this Thursday's Big Day Of Giving (Big DOG for short) with three more of its popular "pop-up" live remote broadcasts.

"It simply makes it more personable seeing us out in the community, instead of just hearing us over the radio," according to KVMR Development Director Cynthia Tweed.  "And it makes for exciting live radio for those who can't be there because it generates short spurts of something special."

Fabled New Orleans Musicfest Comes To Nevada County Via The Bridge 105.7 FM

So the 50th anniversary edition of the fabled New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Music Festival is coming live here to, yes, Nevada County. 

Now, wait, it's in New Orleans, isn't it? 

Well, yeah, sure... 

So how is it here? 

Hey, it'll be on The Bridge 105.7 FM. 

That's right, KVMR's new NPR station wants even more folks to discover its on-air presents and, duh,  presence...and here's a way to maybe encourage those finicky music traditionalists to give The Bridge 105.7 FM a real listen, maybe for the very first time. 

How That 'New Music Guy' and Jerianne Are Preparing for Friday's Ticketpalooza

That "new music guy" has become quite the fixture on Jerianne Van Dijk's Friday Morning Show on KVMR- FM (7-10 a.m., 89.5 FM, 105.1 FM Truckee, kvmr.org streaming) 

Todd Wahoske usually holds forth for a half hour at 8:30 a.m. But this Friday (April 19) he'll be there for the whole shebang, along with special guest Michael Keene (host of "Kanikapila" on Sunday mornings).