KVMR, NCArts To Hold 'Art in the Garden' Competition & Celebration

So if everyone had fun the first time and it made money, why not do it again?
That would be KVMR 89.5 FM's "Animal House" art auction/competition fundraiser/celebration of homes for pets last spring, which KVMR board member Diane McIntire would call a hoot. 
"Hey, it was just a really fun party, with food, drink, music, silent and live auction," McIntire recalled. "It was an affordable couple of hours, and attendance was good for a first time event."
Only this time the theme is "Tin Art In The Garden" and KVMR and their partner NCArts are putting out the call for "artists and makers" to enter their ideas via sketch and entry form by Friday, January 19. 

"That means this isn't just for visual artists," said McIntire, one of the event organizers. "It's for people who also enjoy making stuff."


In this case, that could be outdoor sculpture, amenities, metal work, benches, archways, you get the idea
"So we are accepting all forms of art that is suitable for garden display," said Adela Wilcox, a board member and an event organizer. 
"And it's for people who enjoy spending time working or simply enjoying their gardens," McIntire added. 
Like last spring, part of each piece must use a portion of recycled tin left over from the dilapidated sheds that stood where the new KVMR building now is. 
Another incentive for artists and makers is the fact that "they receive 30% of the fundraising from their submissions," according to McIntire."We feel they deserve something for time, effort and beauty they'll put into their garden items."
KVMR's building fund receives 53%, with 17% benefiting Nevada County Arts



The auction and fundraising party will take place Sunday afternoon, April 8th, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Miner's Foundry, across from the new KVMR building in downtown Nevada City.
"All of this year's artists enjoyed participating and many of them are looking forward to next year,"  Wilcox said. "But there's plenty of room for new submissions."
Size and weight limits are noted on the Call To Action form, which can be obtained at KVMR's main office, 120 Bridge Street at Spring Street in Nevada City. It can be found online at kvmr.org and nevadacountyarts.org by clicking on Call To Artists and scrolling to "Art In The Garden."
McIntire and crew found out how important that was last spring.
"One of our contestants found at the last minute that his Animal House entry was too large," .McIntire said. "So his remained outside near the entrance for the party and auction."

Where it was in some showers that afternoon. Oops. 

WHO: KVMR 89.5 FM & NCArts
WHAT: Artists and makers are being sought for the "Tin Art In The Garden" celebration -- a fundraiser, party, auction and competition of items suitable for garden display.
WHEN:  Application due Friday, Jan. 19; Party/auction is Sunday, April 8< Miner's Foundry.
WHERE:  Applications for artists and makers are available weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.at KVMR-FM's main office, 120 Bridge Street, Nevada City; also online at <kvmr.org> and <nevadacountyarts.org (Click on Call To Artists and scroll to "Art in the Garden".)
INFO: Diane McIntire via diane.mcintire@kvmr.org or 916/337-4688


KVMR Music Sale Raises $2000 For Flood Relief

Final totals show KVMR 89.5 FM's late October Music Sale  brought in $4000, with half that amount going to flood relief. 
"It was our most successful music sale in recent years," said KVMR General Manager Julie Chiarelli.
Music Director Sean Dooley-Miller and a team of volunteers transformed an empty downtown Grass Valley storefront on Mill Street into what Dooley-Miller called "a pop-up record store" for the two-day sale. 
Chiarelli credited "lots of good product, a great noticeable, visible location,and things that were priced right" as reasons for the strong turnout.
"People kept holding up CDs and saying 'This is only $1?'", according to Chiarelli. 
A $2,000 check was recently sent to the Tri-Counties Bank 2017 California Fire Fund.