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KVMR Membership Drive Specials


10 a.m. -- Martin Webb,  author of "Please Don't Read This Column" in Nevada County Cannabis, is guest co-host with Jennifer "Miss Jiff" Robin on "Resilience Radio."

Noon --  "Afternoon Delight," featuring twisted love songs and a contest to nominate and name the "two most unlikely radio hits of all time", according to Adriana Kelly. Hosts are Poly & Molly Amorous (KVMR's Kelly and Joyce Miller).

2 p.m. -- "Harmony Ridge", with longtime host Brian Terhorst, marks its KVMR membership drive return in the folk program's new time slot, after it left  KVMR circa 2006. KVMR broadcaster John Adams ("Early Morning Ramble") joins Brian as co-host for the drive special.

8 p.m. -- "Jazz Workshop", with Nora Nausbaum.


7 a.m. -- "Morning Show" Jerianne Van Dijk and Todd Wahoske, who worked on art direction and design of the forthcoming 2020 KVMR Pet Pin-Up Calendar, will offer the Calendar as a thank you gift during the fabled "Todd's Two Two" from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Noon -- "Toast With Jam"  KVMRx's DJ Fatfinger and co-host Mystic Al feature remixes of Grateful Dead songs.

2 p.m. -- "The New Bleat"  It's the only radio show where a classroom of elementary students introduces the show. You can thank KVMR Music Director Sean Dooley-Miller for that.

8 p.m. -- "Ital Culture"  DJ Redlocks lovingly presents reggae.  It's as simple as that.


7 a.m. "Backroads" Walkin' Larry Hillberg says you should take a hike if you don't snap up a KVMR emergency crank radio as a thank you gift this fall. But he'll be folking around with music during the show as well.

10 a.m. "County Line Bluegrass" Betcha host Eric Rice offers to make your dog a member of KVMR.  After all, bluegrass and canines just kinda go together.

1 p.m. "Angels & Devils"   Kim Rogers ("Good Stuff" will be sporting wings and Thomas Greener ("Ragged But Right") will have his horns on as they battle back and forth with the best, the brightest, the goofiest and the groaniest angel and devil songs you'll ever hear.

4 p.m.  "Color Radio"  Brian Lee always has his pulse on both pop hits and obscure wonders from the '50s to the early '60s.

6 p.m  "Diamonds and Rust" Someone walks away with an autographed copy of a Joan Baez album, while Laura Miller tries to meet every match she can in the last show of the KVMR "Radio with a Heart and a Beat" membership drive toward connection.
Non-profit, non-commercial community radio station KVMR 89.5 FM is currently holding its fall membership drive. Listeners and supporters can donate online at ,  by calling 530/265-9555 (or 530/265-9073 ext. 1003) or by stopping by the KVMR Building, 120 Bridge St. at Spring St., Nevada City, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. through Saturday, Oct. 26. Complete schedule, archives and information is available at

Someone will walk away with an autographed copy of Joan Baez's "Farewell Angelina" album on Laura Miller's "Diamonds And Rust" show, 6-8 p.m. this Saturday