How That 'New Music Guy' and Jerianne Are Preparing for Friday's Ticketpalooza

That "new music guy" has become quite the fixture on Jerianne Van Dijk's Friday Morning Show on KVMR- FM (7-10 a.m., 89.5 FM, 105.1 FM Truckee, streaming) 

Todd Wahoske usually holds forth for a half hour at 8:30 a.m. But this Friday (April 19) he'll be there for the whole shebang, along with special guest Michael Keene (host of "Kanikapila" on Sunday mornings). 

That's because the station is hosting its semi-fabled Ticketpalooza that morning, with hundreds of tickets available to dozens and dozens of concerts and a slew of music festivals from Strawberry to High Sierra, and, of course, California Worldfest. 

And get this: tickets are at regular or much lower discounted prices (with no service charges), and sometimes there's as much as a 50% discount off the regular ticket prices.  

"It's reverse scalping at its best," explained one KVMR staff member. "You get tickets for less than you'd pay for them with some real bargains, KVMR gets the revenue, and our wonderful participating promoters and venues get a lot of extra attention for their events." 

Smiles Wahoske, "it's simply a fun way and high energy atmosphere to raise money for the station.  Everyone gets something out of it, for sure, especially our listeners and supporters." 

Oh, don't worry, Van Dijk loves the Ticketpalooza concept as well. 

"You can play such a wide  range of music to match the concerts," she noted. "And it supports all of our venues and producers as well." 

"It's just a giant promotion day for everyone to find out what's going on for the summer," Jerianne added. "I love it; it's a great fun morning." 

It was around 2008 when Wahoske first  got certified as a broadcaster on KVMR, where he gradually settled into a show called "The Funk Hole" late Tuesdays. 

"It was college, it was eclectic, a mix of rock and new music, dance, electronic, experimental and everything in between," recalled Wahoske. 

About two years into the show, Todd simply got too busy with work -- you know, the paying kind --to continue the show. 

But someone was listening. Yup, Jerianne Van Dijk. 

"I knew he did the Funk Hole, and I could tell he knew all about new music," she remembered. "I figured I have some older listeners who might be totally turned on if I included a feature with him on the show." 

Both Todd and Jerianne agree he may have been a little too "headbanger" when he started the feature. 

"I think it was what I'd call too night time a music for a morning show," admitted Wahoskey. 

Todd and Jerianne decided to mix it up a little more, later switching its title from "Todd's Two " to "Todd's Two Too" when it went to the half hour format. And you can't say the show name without smiling... 

"In time, like now, I meet older listeners all the time who say, 'I like that new music guy,'" beamed Jerianne. "He was just a kid when he started with me. Now he's 43." 

"It's funny," added Todd.  "I'll be talking in SPD and someone will ask if I'm the guy on that woman's Friday morning show. Or I'll be ordering a pizza over the phone and they'll say they know that voice and ask if I'm on KVMR." 

Wahoske has quite the resume in terms of freelance work on websites (Miner's Foundry, Outside Inn), mobile phone applications, video games (Tony Hawk's Skate Games, the best selling "Guitar Hero 3", "Epic Skater 2", among others) and the horror film card series "You Are The Maniac", of which Todd says exactly 666 persons pledged for the series. 

"Then somebody decided to run for president after its release..." quipped Wahoske.. 

Duh, Todd.... 



WHAT: KVMR 89.5 FM  presents Ticketpalooza, in which listeners can received free discounted concert or festival tickets for a donation to the station, up to 50% off

WHEN: 7 a.m. to noon, this Friday, April 19

WHERE: KVMR Community Room, 120 Bridge Street, downtown Nevada City or via phone and online

BROADCAST:  Live on 89.5 FM, 105.1 FM Truckee, streaming

INFO: 530/265-9555 (during event), 530/265-9073 ext.1003 or