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Getting Art Back To The Garden: KVMR Holds Auction & Party This Sunday

Nearly 50 years ago, legendary music artist Joni Mitchell sang, "We are stardust, we are golden and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden." 

Okay, maybe she was talking about that rock festival Woodstock, but this weekend she could have been talking about the garden show of the year in these parts, presented by KVMR 89.5 FM, The Nevada Theatre and NCArts. 

The second annual benefit -- this year dubbed the "Art In The Garden Art Show And Auction" -- is a fundraiser, party, auction and competition, all in one, at the Miner's Foundry in  downtown Nevada City this Sunday (April 8th) only from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

While last year's inaugural pet home show was successful, co-producer Diane McIntire is citing the garden aspect and theme as a strong reason to attend. 

"This year it's different because the pieces offered aren't just based on animals but we have a wide variety of art and objects that'll appeal to a larger audience," said McIntire. "Everyone has a garden, knows many friends who have gardens or have a place inside or outside their home that's plant or garden friendly." 

Well over half of 2017's participating artists are back this year -- several of them doing multiple pieces -- "and we have a good number of new artists/makers, too, which is great," she added. 

"It's a collaboration between KVMR, The Bridge Street Project (financing KVMR's new building and the Nevada Theatre's remodel and new backstage) and NC Arts in an event where we're bringing non-profits together for a good cause," according to McIntire. 

And it has a bit of recycling and repurposing in its genetic make-up, too.  Each art piece or object has some of the original remaining tin from the storage sheds that were carefully taken down where the new KVMR building now stands. 

Food at the event will be available from the new Nevada City restaurant Kaliko's Hawaiian Kitchen, "giving us a good tropical connection to the garden theme," noted McIntire.  There will also be a cash bar and live music by the folk group Possum. 

Several of the art pieces will be subject to a live auction featuring SYRCL's Melinda Booth (hey, someone from another non-profit); the rest will be part of an ongoing silent auction during the event. 

Support for the event and auction comes from Artworks Gallery Co-op of Grass Valley and Reclaim By Design of Auburn.

Co-producer Adela Wilcox, also a KVMR board member and volunteer broadcaster like McIntire, doesn't mince words when she characterizes what the benefit's all about. 

"This collective endeavor showcases the unique pioneering spirit of Nevada County by combining the creative, ecological, cooperative, aesthetic, and whimsical qualities that continue to sustain a vibrant and eclectic community." she said. 

Whew. You'd think the artists are getting a mission statement out of this thing. 

No, but they are getting a cut of the proceeds, which is pretty unusual the way benefits like this usually work. 

The artists and makers "actually receive 30% of the fundraising from their submissions," according to McIntire. "We feel they deserve something for the time, effort and beauty they've put into their garden items." 

The Bridge Street Project (KVMR and the Nevada Theatre new building collaboration) gets 53% of profits, with the remaining 17% benefiting Nevada County Arts. 

"So it's the way you can beautify your garden, support community radio, help out our area artists and allow you to own a piece of history (tin from the sheds)," noted McIntire doing the math, "That's four good reasons right there." 

Okay, Joni won't be there, but the spirit of Woodstock just could be. And some one-of-a-kind artwork ready to get themselves back to the garden, even if it's for the very first time. 



WHO: KVMR, The Nevada Theatre and Nevada County Arts 

WHAT: The 2nd annual benefit, this year's "Garden Art Show and Auction" featuring artist and maker art collectibles and objects available via live and silent auctions, with live music by Possum. 

WHERE: Miner's Foundry, 325 Spring Street, downtown Nevada City 

WHEN: This Sunday (April 8), 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

COST: $5 at the door only.

INFO: kvmr.org/events, 530/265-9073 (weekdays) or KVMR on Facebook.

KVMR, The Nevada Theatre and NC Arts are holding an "Art In The Garden Art Show and Auction" this Sunday at the Miner's Foundry. One of last year's favorites was this "Mason Bee Habitat" by Yvonne Doctor.