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Former Manager Comes Home to KVMR as a Volunteer

He's back, and he's raring to go.

Former KVMR 89.5 FM General Manager Brian Terhorst -- also a longtime popular Saturday morning radio host at the Nevada City radio station -- returns to the air with a pair of fall membership drive specials.  

Thursday noon to 2 p.m. he'll host a new edition of his old favorite Harmony Ridge, and Saturday 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. he'll join Larry Hillberg's Backroads in his old time slot.

Following his decade-long managerial gig at KVMR, Terhorst became general manager of North State Public Radio at Chico State in 2007 and retired a couple years back. 

Now he's back where he started in radio, only in a new -- and -- old role: volunteer broadcaster. 

Here's a question-and-answer with Terhorst:

Q.  What's it like being a community radio volunteer after nearly two decades being general manager here and in Chico?

A. Being a volunteer for KVMR - after 20 years in management - is delightful. I started as an office volunteer and was then a volunteer broadcaster for over 15 years at KVMR - and another four years at NSPR in Chico. When I started working for KVMR, I was always keenly aware that, what we did in the business office, was all to support what happens in the broadcast studios. It's all about the radio. 

Now, being able to come in and do radio, without the stress of managing, is just like coming full circle. Now I get to indulge myself fully in the creative programming aspect again. 

Q. What are you looking forward to in radio?

A. It's exciting to be part of KVMR at this time of expansion and innovation. The whole industry of radio is having to grasp with the explosion of online content and KVMR is answering the call.

We've launched KVMRx, the online band hosted primary by our community's young people and we're starting to do live webcasts on Facebook. The studios are all next-generation digital and it's just thrilling to be part of the next evolution of our industry. 

KVMR has long been a national leader in community radio and it's gratifying to see that the station continues that trend! I'm also very excited at the prospect of getting another regular shift on KVMR. I'm ready to go and as soon as a slot opens, I'm on it!

Q. Anything special planned for your membership show this Thursday?

A. This Thursday will be my first fundraising show in over five years. Over my years of broadcasting, I've probably produced a hundred membership drive shows. 

Music-wise, I'll be playing the things that Harmony Ridge listeners have come to count on: acoustic-based music, positive lyrics, singer-songwriters and songs that remind people both of the treasures we find only on community radio and that inspire people to be part of it with a gift of support. I've added a lot of artists to my playlist since the last time I was regularly on the air at KVMR but the spirit of the show is still the same.

Q. What's it like being back in Nevada City?

A. Being back in Nevada City is like being back home ... not like ... it IS being back home. The nine years that I was up in Chico were wonderful. It's an exciting community with lots of creative things going on. But I put down roots in Nevada City when I first moved here in 1991. Nevada County became my home like no place else will ever be.

And when I retired from Chico State, it was just a matter of time before I would head home. My mom and sister live here and I have scores of friends from the fifteen years I lived here. I've been all over the country in my life and no place - anywhere - compares to Nevada County.

Q. We've heard you've taken a shine to writing in your retirement.

A. "In my free time these days, I'm working on my first novel. Before I came to work in community radio, I was an architectural historian and worked in the historic preservation field. I wrote the landmark nomination for the Miners Foundry and recorded over 600 historic properties in neighboring Placer County. 

My novel is historical fiction and semi-autobiographical. It's a time-travel western about a guy who gets transported back in time to 1880s Bodie - the old gold mining town in the Eastern Sierra. I've done a lot of writing in my life but this is my first purely creative effort on this scale. It's a ton of fun but also very challenging."

Terhorst also has Late Onset Pompe Disease and has definitely become a font of knowledge on it.  "I'm actually a speaker who tours around and speaks to patients and physicians about it."

Former KVMR General Manager Brian Terhorst has returned to the station as a volunteer broadcaster with a noon membership drive special this Thursday and co-hosting a Saturday fundraiser 7 to 10 a.m. Here he's seen recently in the ghost town of Bodie, the setting for a novel he is writing.



Following Terhorst's "Harmony Ridge,"  a pair of roots-oriented music shows will be next on the agenda. 

At 2 p.m., it's Kim Rogers' "Good Stuff", featuring singer-songwriters from Eileen Jewel to Emmylou Harris and the station's betting Chief Engineer Dave 'Buzz" Barnett can land a jam band extravaganza on a special Music Magazine 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Award-winning independent journalist Amy Goodman, host of the Pacifica Radio Network newsmagazine "Democracy Now!", will talk directly to KVMR listeners that evening during the 7 p.m. hour of the show. 



On Friday morning, Jerianne Van Dijk and Todd Wahoskey will hold a "Ticketpalooza", offering concert and theater ticket pairs at often-reduced prices during the Friday Morning Show for new and renewing members or those simply making an additional gift. 

And, at noon Friday,  "Cannabis Crusades" celebrates its fifth birthday on the air with a two-hour special featuring a new logo and commemorative teeshirts, according to outgoing program host Patricia Smith.

Saturday finds Chris Towne bringing a special at 4 p.m. on the '80s supergroup, the Traveling Wilburys. He'll tell the story behind this unique collaboration, which is now left with only two of the "brothers" (Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne) left after the recent death of Tom Petty, a key figure in the group's history.  Previously passing away were Roy Orbison and George Harrison. 

That'll be followed by "a major Bob Dylan surprise", according to host David Howard of the Dylan and Dylan-influenced artists show, "Together Through Life," 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.