DJ Redlocks Kicks Off a KVMR Listener Meet-Up This Sunday

Hey, it's this Sunday only.

It's free to get in to the 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. festivities at the 1849 Brewing Company at 468 Sutton Way in the Brunswick Basin, Grass Valley.  

Oh, and it's free to hang out with fellow KVMR 89.5 FM listeners. 

And it's a free chance to hear the tunes and beats DJ Redlocks is bringing your way. 

"These Listener Meet-Ups are a wonderful chance to get together and to have fun in person together and listen to some sizzling music," explained KVMR Membership Coordinator Adrianna Kelly. "Especially when it's DJ Redlocks pickin' and playin' them."

That's right, longtime KVMR reggae and world music deejay Christopher Redlocks will be the prime music suspect at this KVMR Listener Meet-Up as he grooves the whole afternoon into, well.....

"Sunday after church, everybody needs reggae music," quipped Kelly with her omnipresent smile. "Redlocks is really fun and has such great vibes."

Okay, KVMR will even do a live broadcast of this Listener Meet-Up for the middle two hours of the extravaganza, those being 3 to 5 p.m.(89.5 FM, Truckee 105.1 FM, streaming).Noted Kelly, "It's all part of our master plan to get people to join us, and take over...okay, Nevada County, but don't tell anyone, okay?"

Yes, Kelly was having some fun, but...

"Redlocks is the perfect person to get you to Sunday irie."

Um, that would be good, excellent or great times, and it's a Jamaican noun of sweet reknown.


KVMR DJ Redlocks is prepared for any weather change this coming Sunday afternoon when he hosts a KVMR Membership Meet-Up at 1849 Brewing Co. in Grass Valley.



WHO:  KVMR 89.5 FM  Community Radio

WHAT: Listener Meet-Up with DJ Redlocks

WHEN: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, June 9

WHERE: 1849 Brewing Company, Brunswick Basin, 468 Sutton Way, Grass Valley. 


LIVE BROADCAST: 3 to 5 p.m., KVMR 89.5 FM, 105.1 FM Truckee, streaming




Last Saturday was the first day of KVMR's 2019 Broadcast Training Class, and just the ideas and ambitions of its members were enough to bring broad smiles to staff and longtime broadcaster faces. 

Just consider, one by one, what they had to say:

--"I've had a lifelong passion to share my music with listeners."

--"I was involved with an anti-smoking public service campaign nearly 20 years ago, and KVMR was the only station to show interest."

--"I have no idea yet, just want to be part of this marvelous community."

--"i feel the LGBTQ community has no real voice and want to give it one. We all like to talk..."

--"I want to do a program on midwifery. I've been a midwife for decades, as well as a firefighter."

--"KVMR has been a huge part of my life since 1978, the year I moved here and you started. I want to do a polka show, I friggin' love that music."

--"I want to become even more involved than I already am, particularly in mental health and addiction fields. Life is really tough, music helps you through it."

--"I want to be able to push the buttons when I'm here volunteering and substitute when needed."

--"i've always wanted to volunteer, put my foot in....I'm in social work."

--"I'm a jazz musician with a massive recording collection."

--"I like the sense of community here. I want to be part of it."

--"I'm so impressed with this station. I helped build a radio station at St. Francis High School (Bay Area)."

--"I want to go into music journalism, I want to produce things on several media platforms, i'm excited to be here."

--"I want to do a music show, but I worry about performance anxiety."

--"I'm into hypnotherapy, and I want create more joy and become a force for change."

--"I'm from South Africa and first did radio in 2001 on a program on healing in our post-apartheid world. Now I'm a cultural ambassador who believes music helps people come together."

--"I'm a body worker, interchanging beliefs in our body doing a show of interviews and call-ins and I Like the idea of being involved in community."

--"I want to focus on the complexity of work and how to make decisions about it. I'd love to creat a 'This American Life' kind of things I love..."

--"I'm a music nerd. I love the flow of some of the deejays. . My tastes are pretty wide --I love the sound of India introverted music. I'm told I have a great voice for radio. And I want to bring on Aretha's voice on to my show."

--"Musicians of a certain age are really not represented on KVMR. Our music education needs to branch out. That's why they call me 'Shred Wind'"

it was quite a meet-and-greet, especially for new KVMR General manager Ali Lightfoot.

"What community organization could bring all these people together?" she told the class. "It's really exciting to be in the same room with you all."

Taking the training course herself, it was Lightfoot's first chance -- up close and personal -- to see how another station teaches its newbies. She's  been responsible for the training class at KVNF in Paonia, Colorado for the past decade before she was named general manager at KVMR last December.