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15 Hours of Indigenous Programming Comes to KVMR Next Monday

Over the past couple decades, Indigenous Peoples Day (IPD)programming has grown to be a real tradition on KVMR 89.5 FM. 

What started out as a broadcaster or two at the Nevada City community station honoring native Americans with music and sound clips on what had been popularly called Columbus Day back in the 20th century, well, that's now grown into a multi-day celebration regionally that now ends up in KVMR's home studios this Monday (Oct. 9) on Indigenous Peoples Day itself. 

That will follow a variety of activities at Sycamore Ranch Park off Highway 20 in Yuba County between Grass Valley and Marysville, with a 9 a.m. Kulu opening Thursday followed by  youth programs Thursdayand Friday, a downtown Nevada City opening ceremony 6 p.m. Friday, a "Calling Back The Salmon" ceremony on Saturday morning and a full day Sunday including Descendants Circles, drumming circles, songs and stories, a Women's Circle and visiting native artists (scheduled for live broadcast, Sunday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on KVMR 89.5 FM, kvmr.org streaming). 

Monday's 15, yup, count 'em, 15 hours of special programming from KVMR's studios includes: 

--7 a.m. a Public Radio Exchange (PRX) special on the history of Indigenous Peoples Day. 

--8 a.m., Morning Show with guest host Michael Ben.  In the first hour, representatives from the local Chapa De Indian Health Clinic discuss various aspects of native health issues and challenges. 

Then Michael Ben is joined by Daniel Nelson of the Romero Institute, which is representing Chase Iron Eyes Lakota Peoples Law Project, which is fighting Iron Eyes' arrest during the Standing Rock pipeline dispute. 

--10 a.m. Native American flute artist Darren Thompson discusses Ojibwe cultural appropriation and the ongoing issue of athletic team mascots with KVMR host Iris Bilodeau. 

In her second hour, Iris talks with Ojibwe tribal elder Steve Naganashe Perry about generational trauma and native veterans' issues and controversies. 

--12 p.m. To be announced, with possibilities including a Buffy Sainte-Marie interview. 

--1 p.m.  Mohawk Nation singer Bear Fox performs live in studio, along with Mignon Gell, and discusses current native issues, IPD history and traditions with KVMR broadcaster John Keane. 

--2 p.m. Keane hosts a special on the Buffalo Field Campaign, featuring Dakota/Yaqui music artist Good Shield Aguilar talking about current native issues and featuring live music from Aguilar. 

--3 p.m. Mohawk Nation performing artist Rob Saw -- who calls his music "native Americana" --talks about first contact issues and the syndrome of colonization tribes traditionally face. 

--4 p.m.  Tualip master storyteller Johnny Moses -- who has moved to Nevada County from the Northwest, is in conversation with Music Magazine guest host Michael Keene and performs a variety of his works. 

--5 p.m. Broadcaster/poet/musician Thana Redhawk is Keene's guest for the hour. 

--6 p.m. The Shining Woman & Otsigeya are in studio for a performance on Keene's show. They are women singers who love music and to talk about language preservation. 

--7 p.m.  Lyla June Johnston talks about her activism, IPD politics, colonization and her role in delivering "A Message of Hope" and calling on "All Nations Unite" in the wake of the Standing Rock and pipeline controversies. 

--8 p.m. The Women's Show, produced by members of KVMR's Women's Collective, with Kristin Steindorf and Jodi Selene coordinating.

Lyla June Johnston, who has traveled the world speaking about nonviolence, will talk from England with Jennifer Robin at 6 p.m. Monday during KVMR's Indigenous Peoples Day.