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Written by on January 7, 2020


I’m Reggie and I’m a new broadcaster.  Passing the test feels like an awesome accomplishment.  I’m more of a right brain person so operating a studio board feels like it might feel to fly an airplane which I would not aspire to.  Awhile back I took one of those tests to see what jobs I might be good at.  I did it more out of curiosity since I already had an established therapy practice and I liked what I was doing.  As it turned out I scored lowest on visual spatial skills which are some of the ones needed for understanding the structure of something, fixing equipment, things like that.  So operating equipment is a challenge for me.  I owe a big thanks to two KVMR broadcasters who took the time to teach me what I needed to know.  Thanks guys.  You know who you are.

Music is a source of comfort for most people when they are stressed, sad or even extremely happy.  It certainly has been that way for me.  I listened to the radio a lot when I was growing up.  TV wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now.  We only had three TV stations at our house.  Radio was different then.  There were a lot of small radio stations like KVMR where DJ’s could play what they wanted to play.  That’s not the case anymore.  Now big corporations own many of the stations and the corporation dictates the playlists.    Not as much fun for the DJ’s, I imagine.  Not so at KVMR where like the old days a broadcaster can build a community of likeminded followers based on the kind of music he or she plays and you all like.

For now I’ll be doing mostly Redeye’s.  I like a lot of different kinds of music so you’ll hear quite a bit of variety on my shows.  Every genre has qualities that I can appreciate.  Over time I hope to expand my knowledge, read up on music culture and be aware of the latest musical movements and to share what I learn with you the listener.

See you on the air waves.


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