New Broadcaster with First Redeye Scheduled

Written by on July 13, 2018

I just got my KVMR broadcaster certification today. I’m proud to be apart of the KVMR team. My first Redeye will be Monday, 7/16.

Hi everybody in KVMR land. I'm Steve Artz and I just got my KVMR broadcaster certification today, 7/12. My show will be called Still Rockin and will be mostly classic rock. I don't intend to play what you hear on the Eagle. Those playlists are all computer generated. I intend to play old quality songs. I plan to try theme shows based on regions, periods, and rock sub genres. I'm a working drummer (current band is a ZZ Top tribute named ZZ Tush) so I'll have a bent towards good drumming that is well recorded. I'll play some drum solos played at clinics. I plan to play plenty of vinyl and indulge in some epic long tracks. Please check out my first Redeye on 7/12 and support KVMR. Thanks, Steve

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