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I’ve been doing the Fusion Intrusion show since 1986 and was trained by former engineer Dave Hall. I started at the American Victorian Museum back in the day. My format is jazz, jazz fusion, and blues. I am a jazz,blues guitarist now for some 45 years. Off and on as a hobby now. My mission […]

KVMR Radio has been a constant companion and dear friend to me throughout my years here.  There is always something new, wonderful and fresh from the talented KVMR Broadcasters. I’m honored to be counted as one! Community oriented, I’ve been associated with various local non-profits.  I enjoy providing a platform for the champions who work […]

I arrived in Grass Valley in the winter of 1989. That winter was still the biggest winter snow storm since then. I started volunteering at KVMR in 1990 and in 1991 Music Director John Nichols offered me a one hour once a month program and told me I had to talk. That became the Tibet […]

When John Keane was a teenager in Long Island, New York he was the only one of his friends that had a portable record player and so became the de-facto DJ of the neighborhood parties; thus started the dream that was not to become a reality until he graduated the KVMR broadcaster class of 2012. […]

Discovered KVMR while visiting a friend in the late 90’s.  Bought a house in 2002 commuting each weekend from the bay area. Retired in 2006 and moved here full time.  We loved the community and I wanted to be ivnolved with KVMR.  I come from the high tech world of Silicon Valley where I started […]

  Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Jeffrey has been living in and around Nevada City since 1990. He was fortunate to be brought up by music loving parents. Their home was always filled with everything from Baez to Bach, Seeger to the Stones, Cat Stevens to Carly Simon to Crosby-Stills-Nash and Young. There were […]

Jeff Wright Ragpicker’s Review Writer, editor, musician, dharma bum. I was a freshman at UC Berkeley the year that free-form “underground” radio began at KMPX San Francisco and quickly morphed into the ground-breaking KSAN “Jive 95” – which opened my ears, blew my mind, and taught me how essential to good living is creative, eclectic […]

Jeanie Keltner taught literature at Sac State for 20 years.  In the 80s she got hooked on politics through following closely the Iran-Contra affair, which revealed a depth of corruption and a mis- and dis-informing media that spurred her to focus her energy on independent media.  For 20 years with a group of fellow activists, […]

My show is MUSIC FOR GROWN FOLKS.   (Husky plays slow jams and is a favorite with the ladies, btw.)

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