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Born by the Sacramento Schooled by the Mississippi Playing the blues by the Yuba

At KVMR since 2008, Lynn has had a doggone good time.  He wags through The Morning Show every other Wednesday morning from 7-10am.  He has been growling on the program committee for a while now.  He barks up a storm for the live remotes.  He was KVMR’s  allstar volunteer lap dog for 2014.  He is […]

Hap Hazard volunteered to help KVMR with its birth pains over 30 years ago by offering to do some children’s programming. I drove up to the mountaintop cabin being used to broadcast the on again/off again shows, expecting to be taught how to work the mixing board before I did my first on air debut. […]

I’m a Civil Engineering graduate from UC Berkeley.  I served as an officer with the US Coast Guard and as a Staff Officer with the Tahoe National Forest.  Some will remember me as the former Penguin Swim Team Coach.   I’m blissfully single and two of my passions are hiking and travel.

Although I was born in the late ’90s I grew up listening to everything before then. Any given show could focus on Glenn Miller or end up being a power hour of the Eagles, it can be spontaneous but that is part of the fun! I love any and all recommendations for new music or […]

Ed Gardner spent a quarter century toiling for California’s Office of State Printing. Working half those years on graveyard shifts, he developed an appreciation for overnight FM music broadcasters which fuels his affinity for Overnight Harmonic Express. Anyone who misses, or missed, those legendary KBLX, KSAN, KSFM, KUOP, KZAP broadcasts can get a taste of […]

Absolutely a novice at radio (although she dabbled in college in the ’80’s), but the girl loves many genres of music and is always ready for more. By day, she’s a public school teacher, molding young minds, but by night, she’s an actress, a writer (wrote a memoir of living solo in Europe), and an […]

 I Grew up in Detroit,Michigan in a home filled with music.The piano in our home was a place we would gather, and play as children. My mother was a Bobby Sox’r with a huge record collection, my father was what was then called a “audiophile”, with a massive record collection of his own. My father’s sound […]

Growing up Pennsylvania Dutch in a very white, Republican county north of Philadelphia, my only exposure to latin music was Desi Arnaz, a.k.k Ricky Ricardo, on “I Love Lucy.” Jose Feliciano, the Tijuana Brass, as well as latin recordings by the likes of Dean Martin, Edye Gorme, and Nat King Cole occasionally got radio air […]

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, I grew up on different Air Force bases while my father pursued a career in the military.  There was always music in the house.  One vivid memory is falling asleep each evening listening to Wolfman Jack on XERB on my father’s Japanese radio.  Following his retirement, our family relocated to the […]

Shelley Conrad, LM, KVMR broadcaster WISE TRADITIONS MIDWIFERY. I have always believed in a women’s right to choose and decide how and where she gives birth. I have been fighting for women rights my whole life and been an observer and practitioner of the wise traditions as well as the modern technology available to us […]

Karl has been a working musician off and on since he was 16 years of age. Originally a trombonist he added 5 string banjo and then electric bass soon after high school. After several tours of Canada with a rock band he took up jazz studies at Laney College in Oakland, switching to acoustic bass […]

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