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Radio/Club DJ, audio engineer, producer, record label hefe, musician. 30 years deep in the music and always exploring the many earth rhythms that are responsible for moving the booty, and harmonizing the soul. Multi-genre and multi-faceted, Papa Sight is a DJ for the people.

Step D. Luna AKA Capt. Save A Show has been a genre bending turntables for 25+ years.  Step has dJed for multiple hip-hop groups such as ‘gift of gab’ from “Blackalicious’, ‘A-Plus’ of ‘Souls Of Mischief’, ‘Scarub’ From ‘Living Legends’.  As well as for @mex and Awol1 from the Famous ‘Shapeshifter’ Crew and many others. […]

Hailing from Berkeley, California on the cusp of 1970. Raised on radio and fed a few LP’s from my Father’s collection of music, some of which I still have. Both my parents had some musical talent but it only trickled over to me so I had to settle with appreciation. Right around junior high I […]

Escaped from LA (with parents) at age 8, and landed in an orchard near Peardale. Grew up, travelled the earth to make a living, came home to the land and the town I love. Greatest pleasures are helping people make and hear good music, and doing what I can to help create a richer, happier, […]

Being a latch key kid in beautiful rural surroundings and having the accessibility of my parents’ record collections had its advantages growing up.  I guess I could credit this with the beginnings of a very broad taste and appreciation of music and nature and related experiences. When they divorced early on, I was left with […]

My musical journey started in Bakersfield, Ca in 1955. One of my earliest memories growing up was listening to Buck Owens, Meryl Haggard, and Rose Maddox, all purveyors of that Bakersfield Sound. I spent my formative years in the Bay Area, graduating from Amador High School in Pleasanton, Ca in 1973, all while listening to […]

As a first generation American, Cláudio knows firsthand how a radio station can knit a community together. Born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, KLBS kept his family connected to their culture. “My childhood soundtrack was courtesy of an AM station that kept my parents tapped into the old country. It was a community […]

I am on a mission. Eight years ago I heard of a young man who asked at the end of a his first visit to a violence prevention class in San Quentin State Prison, “If you know all this [as he waved his hands at the posters stating the class’ basic concepts] where were you when I […]

Kathi Keville is a nationally-known herbalist and aromatherapist and author of ten herb books with over 30 years experience. She is director of the American Herb Association and an honorary member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. She has written over 150 articles for national magazines including Herbs for Health, Vegetarian Times, Better Nutrition, […]

I have always listened to music to save my soul……From my early days of FM radio in LA and then moving to the freeform Bay Area Radio of KSAN and KALX, I found music to be my best way of ‘letting go’ and getting out of my ‘head’ I program my show with music that hopefully will […]

Scott retired from  teaching at Grizzly Hill School in 2010 and has spent his time gardening, fixing stuff, relaxing and volunteering with local NPOs.  He lives in Nevada City.  He is also a member of the local blues band Grease, Grit, and Grime.  He has played blues harmonica in the Bay Area since 1968 backing […]

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