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Peter moved to Nevada City in 2017, retiring from a long and successful career in business. Since then he has spent several years riding his horse and improving his 15-acre ranch off Bitney Springs Road. After four years of shovels and pitchforks, he decided it was time to get more involved in his adopted community.  […]

Rondal moved to Nevada City in 2012 to join his life partner Julie Carvlle. He has recently retired from his private business as a Conservation Land Consultant. For 20 years, he represented private and corporate landowners, public-benefit non-profits, foundations, and public agencies to conserve natural and cultural resources on California’s Northcoast.  He has been instrumental in the development of numerous conservation easements and fee title acquisitions, aiding in securing public and private funds for protections and preservation of over 40,000 acres of forestlands and coastal properties. He also lived for thirty years in Whale Gulch, an off grid, remote community on California’s Lost Coast. People there were homesteaders dedicated to sustainably re-inhabiting wild and cut over lands in Northern Mendocino County and the upper Mattole River watershed.

He was the Executive Director and the co-founder of Sanctuary Forest, a land and water trust, and Vice President of the Board of Directors and co-founder of the Nortcoast Regional Land Trust, covering Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity counties. He still works closely with the Intertribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council serving as a friend and consultant. For several years he was featured on a weekly, live segment of public radio station KMUD. His program, called the Mattole Patrol, was a monologue commenting on events of the past week of living with nature and interviews with individuals passionately involved in ecology, science, and environmental activism.

 He is allied by a deep personal belief in the Spirit of Nature and by the strength of his conviction and dedication to social, economic, and environmental justice.

While traveling in the American southwest in the 1970s, Maureen, at the time a native of Western Pennsylvania, caught a ride across several states with a fellow she only knew as “Art”, who was heading back home to the small town of Grass Valley in Nevada County, California. She had never been to California, and […]

Reggie aka Regine grew up in a very foggy neighborhood of San Francisco.  When as a youngster she heard her first rock and roll song – Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets – forever after she hasn’t been able to resist songs in the 12 bar blues style (although nowadays she […]

When Rick was 11 years old, he received a small, handheld transistor AM radio for his birthday. It was state-of-art for its time, the mid 60’s, and soon his friends were envious of his new gift. Rick was able to listen to the top two AM Top 40 Rock stations in the Bay Area where […]

Cameron Brady is a local attorney who specializes in business law and commercial real estate. Cameron represents investors and developers in all aspects of real estate and servers as general counsel for select businesses. Along with his law partner, Cameron was selected as the “Best Attorney” in Nevada County by the readers of The Union […]

Lew came to Nevada City in 1971 and established Sunflower School, a K-8 parent coop, with his wife, Eddy. Since that time he has worked as a high school teacher at John Woolman School, Sierra Mountain HS, Bear River HS and Nevada Union HS. Lew and Eddy took 5 years off to live and teach […]

Barbara discovered KVMR upon moving to northern California in 2002 and considers the Station a cultural treasure.  Retired from a career in occupational safety and risk management, she is pleased to join in the effort to assure a secure and successful future for KVMR.   Barbara holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from California State University Bakersfield and a Master of Science in Health and Safety from the University of Southern California.  Barbara plays resophonic guitar and especially enjoys folk and Americana music.

Elisa Parker, Thursday Music Magazine & See Jane Do, KVMR Board of Director See Jane Do: Co-founder, President and On-Air Personality Elisa Parker, media maven, is a speaker, reporter, coalition builder and visionary for gender parity and social justice.  She is the co-founder, president and talk radio host of the award-winning radio program and multimedia platform […]

The Universe is sound and music is an expression of its nature, it is a creative and healing force. Music has been a central part of my life since I was very young. I listen to and appreciate a wide range of genres and styles. Paula is an active and dynamic adventurer of consciousness exploration. […]

Name of My Show: Harmony Ridge Brian arrived at KVMR as an office volunteer in 1991. He enrolled in the broadcaster training class the following spring and was assigned his first program (First Light, Fridays, 4-7am) while the class was still underway. Six weeks later, Brian applied for the Saturday morning slot vacated by the […]

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