Video Of The Day: 8/17/15


This past week, the four-piece art-rock outfit Deerhunter built up a bit of suspense by including an illusive countdown clock on their website. Finally, at 8pm on Sunday night, it was revealed what this mystery clock was for: A radio special! Deerhunter's lead singer, Bradford Cox, embraced the radio airwaves in his hometown of Atlanta, GA by doing an impromptu DJ set for two hours. Along with old haunting musical gems and endearing anecdotes, Cox revealed through the magic of AM Radio that Deerhunter is back in melodic traction with a forthcoming album entitled, Fading Frontier.

                                                                  And who says radio is dead...

                                            Deerhunter - Fading Frontier Out October 16th, 2015 Via. 4AD