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Samsa's Buzzin' 2015 albums

I try to not judge people, but I can't help but JUDGE MUSIC! 

Here are some quick reviews of album releases 2015 so far.


Father John Misty "I Love You, Honeybear"

~ This one takes a second to sink in, but when it does, it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever heard/experienced. It's not just that he has a unique way of dedicating the album to his new wife, it's everything about his music, vocals and personality. Now we know he isn't going to ride the mushroom wave of Fear Fun forever. He has many avenues to explore in his talents.

My Morning Jacket "The Waterfall"

~ The style is creative and blossoming, and MMJ continue down the path of heartfelt, rockin' and melodic. The first four songs plus "Spring" are all fantastic. As a whole, i don't find myself coming back to it as much as I did Circuital. The first song, "Believe", is instantly catchy but there is an overall eerie vibe to the album that is a little unsettling, whereas the eerie vibe in Circuital, their last album, was something I really enjoyed immersing myself in.

Alabama Shakes "Sound and Color"

~ Quite mind blowing. I just love it when music can keep it's roots in the ground while blasting off into outer space in the future, and do it with superior grace. Retro freshies? Whatever, I'm hooked. Effortless creative alterna soul.

The Go! Team "The Scene Between"

~ Lush sonic candy, and reminds me of the band Lush from the 90s which was european asian vocal fuzz guitar shoegazer type stuff. The song towards the end, 'The Art of Getting By" is one of the catchiest, funnest tunes I have heard in awhile. I love this whole thing a lot.

Django Django "Born Under Saturn"

~ This is overall fantastic, a couple mechanical pokers in there but the clean sonic melodies shine bright and a handful of songs are full and soulful and very pleasing, especially some towards the end. The Beach Boys meet Duran Duran on Mars via england.

Palma Violets "Danger in the Club"

~ Oh man, bummer. Their debut album a few years ago, "180", was tops for me. The right blend of English romantic punk, like The Jam, The Damned, and The Clash. This new album is OK but over all is a let down. They haven't lost it yet, but if they let stinker tracks onto their next album I will lose hope.

Belle And Sebastian "Girls in Peacetime want to Dance"

~ 3 songs are fantastic, (Nobodys Empire being one of them), 3 songs are OK, and 3 songs are terrible. Overall bummer, but the few choice tracks are great to have.

Courtney Barnett "Sometimes I sit...."

~ An Australian old style Liz Phair, hard to not compare. I love her overall, but I feel like this album could use 2 more really good numbers to make it a repeater. I'm not always in the mood for her but when I am she hits the spot.

Panda Bear "Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper"

~ new one is sonic fun. 

The Decemberists album is great, but I can only handle so much. I cracked out on it for a weekend then put it down.

Hot Chip: "Why Make Sense?"

~ Listened to this once and some of it was too cheesy but in the end I enjoyed it overall. "Dark Night" is totally my jam.

Lord Huron "Strange Trails" 

I love this band but this album is very plain and not much of a step up from their last , which I think was better. The lyrics are not great and it doesn't hold a candle to what they can do live. Disappointed overall.

Jeff Austin band "A Simple Truth"

~ Very disappointed with this. It is super hokey and almost unlistenable for me, being a huge JA fan. But I just saw their live show and was blown away. I wish he was that flowing and butterfly like on album. It is obvious he was going for something on it's own but for me it does not come off well. However their live show more than made up for it...

Best Coast "California Nights"

~ This is like the GoGos on MDMA. Really fun rocking music but the lyrics are plain and hinder the quality. The GoGos were MUCH better songwriters. However the music is rockin' enough and the vocals good enough for me to get into a bit.

Sufjan Stevens "Carrie and Lowell"

~ album is fantastic but I don't know how often I will be in the mood to listen to it. The eerie melodies that are very Ellliot Smith might captivate me enough, and the lyrics are really good. However it might be the saddest album of all time