KVMR’s Pet Pin-Up Calendar: A Tongue-in-Chic Celebration of The Four-Legged & More

Written by on December 6, 2018

Okay, over the past 40 years now, they’ve offered KVMR 89.5 FM baseball caps, coffee mugs, socks, paper dolls, undershorts, teeshirts (duh. dozens of designs) and on and on.

Never a 12-month calendar.  Nope, never.

But that gets remedied now, with, ta da, the 2019 KVMR Pet Pin-Up Calendar.

It’s a colorful, vividly illustrated 12-month calendar with a monthly collage of pet photos, KVMR memorabilia and an artful taste of the month —  the month April features poppies drawn by local artist Kathy Hempel, for instance, in addition to a bevy of dogs, cats and community radio nostalgia.

“Each month evokes a kind of old school analog frivolity that honors KVMR’s eccentric past,” noted KVMR membership coordinator Adriana Kelly, the whirlwind brainstorm behind the calendar idea about eight months ago.

This month, however, anyone who makes an end-of-year donation of $50 or more to KVMR can receive the calendar as a holiday thank you gift; that’s because the publication of the new calendar was supported by Incredible Pets.

In addition,  for every end-of-year contribution to KVMR,  Incredible Pets is donating 5 pounds of pet food to Nevada County Pets in Need — something the store also did last year.

“We could not be more excited about KVMR supporting Nevada County Pets in Need again this year,” said Patti Galle, co-founder of the organization. “We almost doubled in size over the last year and today we serve 1032 pets a month.”

And the KVMR Pet Pin-Up Calendar has been a long time coming.

“We’ve been wanting to do a calendar for years,” said Kelly.  “And what’s cuter than puppies and kitties and birdies and a water buffalo?”

Yes, a KVMR member water buffalo from Galt is among the over 100 animals included.

“We couldn’t include them all in print,” smoothed Kelly. “But we want everyone to know they are all in our hearts.”


In fact, all 300 pet photos entered in the calendar can be seen online at KVMR’s Flickr page.

The collages were designed by KVMR broadcasters and artists Jerianne Van Dijk and Todd Wahoske, with Kelly offering a watchful eye and, gulp. her house for design sessions.

“It was…” admitted Kelly, “a lot of work, but Jerianne and Todd are wonders to work with.”

And former KVMR broadcaster Olaf Jens, who sadly had to quit his radio show because, gladly, demand for his indie music label artwork had simply grown and grown, did the outrageous cover and the day-by-day portraits and drawings, and, hey, we haven’t even gotten to them yet.

You see, there’s an irrepressibly KVMRish  irreverent spirit throughout this calendar, capturing listener and broadcaster passion, yet you still get to know who might have been born on a certain day.


Well, the first month features Jan. 11th as “To Hell With Resolutions Day” (it’s a Friday, for a wild weekend, perhaps?) and Jan. 23 as the “First Day To Get The Year Right On Your Checks Day”.  Well, you knew it would happen.

“Now those two are pretty funny but they’re made up,” explained Kelly. “That’s why they are in italic type. Get it?”

Those not in italic type are actual, or at least they were found on the internet.


January also notes Jan. 8th as birthday of Elvis Presley (1935) and David Bowie (1947), Janis Joplin (1943) and Dolly Parton (1946), both on Jan. 19,  and the late folksinger Kate Wolf (1942) on Jan. 23., and, oh, The Sex Pistols’ John Lydon (1956) on Jan. 31.

You get the idea. Like “Earth is closest to the Sun 91.5 million miles” isn’t in italics and it’s Jan. 2.

And it goes on and on like that for exactly 12 months, that is.

Even Abe Vigoda’s birthday is included so why?

“Well, because he is….no one here simply knows enough about him,”  quipped Kelly.

It’s a calendar where, pretty much, you can’t do a thing but laugh and smile at it. And admire those 100+ pet pictures.  Oh, and there’s a sticker page, too.

And when you make a gift this month, remember, 5 pounds of pet food goes to the 1032 Nevada County Pets In Need charity.  Up to a ton.

“This fundraiser is about us having food or not for all the sweet pets,” added Galle. “Every bit of pet food makes the difference for a pet in need…thank you so much KVMR.”

And the calendar is a keepsake collector’s item, to boot.



WHAT: KVMR’s first ever Pet Pin-Up Calendar for 2019

WHEN:  Through Dec. 31, free with an end-of-year, tax-deductible gift of $50 or more to kvmr.org and Incredible Pets of Grass Valley will also contribute 5 pounds of pet food to Nevada County Pets In Need

HOW: kvmr.org/membership, call KVMR’s membership department at 530/265-9073 ext 1003 or bring checks or cash to KVMR, 120 Bridge Street (at Spring Street), downtown Nevada City.

INFO:  530/265-9073 or kvmr.org

ON-AIR:  89.5 FM Nevada City, 105.1 FM Truckee, 105.7 FM The Bridge, Grass Valley



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