Have a pet? Enter pics for KVMR’s 2021 Pet Calendar!

Written by on August 22, 2020

Is your pet tanned, rested, and ready? Send your cute or ugly, big or little, fat or scrawny, living or dead, pet pics to petpinups@kvmr.org. Last year we squeezed in 160+ pets over 12 months. We like them furry, feathery, scaly, flappy, sappy, nappy, happy, and crappy. It’s finally your pet’s turn to be a star, and your turn to be the overbearing stage mother your pet never asked for! Last year we included tons of KVMR memorabilia and over 100 celebrity birthdays. This year, all we know is we want to admire your pet all year long. Don’t delay- send your pet pics in today petpinups@kvmr.org . We reserve the right to give a prize for most KVMRest Pet, whatever that turns out to be. By sending us a picture you’re giving us the right to use it. Send hard copies to KVMR Pets, 120 Bridge St, Nevada City, CA 95959 (we will not return photos).


Gibson as Count Dracula



Milo sort of impersonating a gremlin

Check out all the contenders and ask yourself, “who’s a good boyyyy?” –

KVMR 2021 Pet Calendar Flickr Click Here

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June from 2020 calendar

KVMR’s 2021 Calendar art team is Jerianne Van Dijk, Todd Wahoske, Cyle Smith, and Adriana Kelly. Cover art by Cyle Smith.  Thanks to Incredible Pets and BriarPatch Food Co-op for support.

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