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Flying Colors

"Flying Colors" is a world music show featuring current and emerging musical artists with some classic standards mixed in.  Beats are generally groovin', up tempo, rhythmic melodies to lift your morning and help enrich your understanding and appreciation of contemporary world music expressions.

Earth Music

One might think of the sound of birds singing in a rainforest, ocean waves breaking along a beach, or a breeze blowing through a forest of trees as the Earth’s music.  While a radio show devoted exclusively to programming those sounds would be soothing, listeners would miss the opportunity to delve into KVMR’s vast library of music created by and for people.

The Earth Music show will showcase music rooted in the varied cultural traditions of people around the world.  This includes recent releases as well as gems from the past, originating outside and inside the U.S.


Golden Road Radio

Host Michael DiMartino mixes his passion for great world music of all kinds while bridging the past with today for a better tomorrow. He has been producing events for 30 years ranging from small cultural arts related events to large international festivals including Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Morocco. He also founded Global Rhythms, a world music radio show that lasted for 3 years in the 1990's and GAIA-Vision, a TV show dedicated to performing, visual and healing arts that ran in 12 cities in New England for over 4 years. 

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