Early Morning
with Adela

Radio Theater/Spoken Word

My Audio Universe

A variety of audio stories adapted from contemporary and classic short fiction and brought to life in the audio universe.
Brian Bahouth produced My Audio Universe – a literary magazine of sound. He has been adapting his short stories to audio since 1999, and audio and text of his pieces have appeared in numerous literary magazines. My Audio Universe marked the first time he had adapted the work of other writers in his unique style of audio storytelling.

American Cosmonauts

Four years ago, Eugene and Leo were just two broke American citizens. In a moment of desperation they got very drunk. At some point, during their stupor, Leo convinced Eugene that their best opportunity for fame and fortune lay in signing up to be cosmonauts...

Old Radio Theater

From out of the past, return with us now to those… golden days of radio with your hosts David and Linda Breninger. Like an invisible beam, cloaked in the darkness of the night, their alternating Sunday evening program of OLD RADIO THEATER can chill you a little and tear you a little in your imaginary ‘theater of the mind’.