For What It’s Worth – Wednesday on Dawn Eclectica

Written by on November 5, 2019

Next Wednesday, August 28th, I will roll out a stupendous 22 minute jam by the Grateful Dead at the height of their prowess (Providence 1974), take a dip into French jazz, Bollywood, and bluegrass music from Kora Feder and her mom, fan fav Rita Hosking.   I’ll also showcase an hour’s worth of songs from that pivitol year of 1966 – America was on the cusp of a what was to be a sea change in attitudes about sex, drugs, war, racism, and the role of women in society.    As the Buffalo Springfield so aptly put it that year: “There’s somethin’ happening here.   What it is ain’t exactly clear.”   And as always, the music reflected the times.  How many great songs were packed into that single year?  More than you can count.  If you’re not bopping around the kitchen before this set is over than you need to be checked by your doctor.   Check it out Wednesday morning from 4-7 am.   Listen live or hop on over to the archive by clicking on that cute bunny rabbit on the KVMR home page.  

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