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Posted 08/25/2019
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Almost new Ampcoil for sale. Benefits of choosing AmpCoil over other option to treat whole body pain relief, lyme, cancer, thyroid, stomach, autoimmune and any symptom (headache, cold, pain, chakra balancing, meditation and sleep. Peaceful– Silent vibration with no noise and only pure silent tones. Customized– Guides you to the tones your body is asking for to cleanse microbes, metals and toxins or tune organs. Biofeedback Voice Analysis– Brings you education and clarity so you can move forward. Restorative– Nutrition and organ support for rejuvenation. Prioritizes– Tones that your body

Hardwood cutoffs

Posted 08/22/2019
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Some free some not.
I'm a furniture maker and need more room in my shop. I have many,many cutoffs, scraps and a few boards. Some free, some not. Lots of choice woods; walnut (some Claro), cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, bubinga and so on.