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Frequently Asked Questions - Underwriting

As we are a community radio station, we offer underwriting, which is marketing in its purest form. Our listeners spend hours at a time listening, unlike most commercial stations where the time spent listening is half an hour or less.

Underwriting does not use calls to action, pricing, incentives, personal pronouns, certificates or awards, superlative language or direct comparisons to other businesses, because our listeners don't want to hear that, and because the FCC disallows it. The lack of “commercials” is a key reason our listeners are so loyal, and why they listen for hours on end. We must and do respect this. It's for your benefit as well.

The majority of KVMR listeners have household incomes well above average. May we say it? They are the Baby Boomers. They are part of the largest, best educated, and wealthiest generation ever seen in history. And for many businesses, they are the most desirable customers.  Underwriting on KVMR will give your business the Halo effect that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has scientifically proven.  When you underwrite with KVMR, your business is seen in a much more favorable light by our listeners, who actively support our underwriters.  

KVMR's audience demographics are consistent with public radio nationwide. The median age of KVMR listeners is over 50. Over 75% have no children at home. Two-thirds have at least a two-year college degree. Over 80% own their homes. 

People turn to public radio and KVMR because they can't stand the "noise" on commercial stations. At KVMR, we have two underwriting breaks per hour that last about one minute each. Our listeners know that the break will be short, and the messages will not be loud and annoying, so they are a lot less likely to tune out. Your underwriting message gets heard, not lost in the clutter because there is no clutter to get lost in.

Call 530.265.9073 and ask for underwriting.  We work with you to determine a sustainable monthly budget and subsequent weekly underwriting schedule. This is driven by your marketing goals and objectives.  The best marketing is long-term marketing.  The major brands you know achieved their “top of mind” awareness with you because of their consistent marketing.  The reason you can think of (usually) only 7 to 10 major brands in any product category are because the other 50 or so don't market themselves consistently.

Then we create your announcement together.  Our DJs then broadcast your announcement(s) to our listening audiences throughout Nevada County, Placer County, and many other geographies in the Gold Country and Sacramento Valley, not to mention the nation and the world via live streaming on KVMR.org.